BSI: Companies Can Cut Energy Costs by up to 30%

Too many organizations use too much energy. This is simply because they are not looking closely enough at their energy usage. A powerful new tool will allow companies to reduce costs considerably: the BSI Kitemark® scheme for Energy Reduction Verification.

LONDON - 22 September, 2010 - Too many organizations use too much energy. This is simply because they are not looking closely and systematically enough at their energy usage. A powerful new tool will allow companies to reduce costs considerably. The BSI Kitemark® scheme for Energy Reduction Verification (ERV) will verify and certify those organizations that achieve a reduction in carbon emissions through lower energy consumption. Businesses will not only be able to cut costs, they will also be contributing to the global efforts on fighting climate change.

Rob Wallis, BSI Managing Director, EMEA Region confirms: "We know by experience that companies can save as much as 30% in energy costs. This can be achieved through an energy efficiency programme managed from A to Z to make sure that all aspects are taken into account".

It has been estimated that in the UK, there are 5,000 heavy energy users - with an annual electricity demand of over 6,000MWh - who are required by the government to register for the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme, the UK's new energy efficiency scheme by 30 September. Missing this deadline could cost companies thousands of pounds in fines. With only days to go it is surprising to see that of those companies required to participate still only about 50% have registered.
The BSI Kitemark® scheme for ERV has been designed specifically with CRC requirements in mind so that only greenhouse gas emissions from energy usage are taken into account. It is also based on the European Standard BS EN 16001 which has the unique advantage of using a management systems based approach to support the human and organizational cultural aspects of energy efficiency initiatives to drive down energy use, and therefore costs, systematically year on year.

But how does the scheme work? How does it make a reduction in energy usage possible? In practical terms, companies can keep track of how much energy they are using (e.g. install smart meters); they can make sure they are not wasting energy by having equipment (computers, monitors, lighting, heavy machinery, air conditioning, heating etc.) switched on overnight/when no one is in the office/when it's not being used - install movement sensors/adjust timing systems/educate staff etc.; they can keep their equipment regularly maintained and in good order to prevent leaks, malfunctions, overheating etc.; they can make sure they are not overheating or overcooling the office environment. These are only a few examples. Appropriate actions can then be taken according to specific requirements.

However, if all these initiatives are not coordinated, it will be very difficult to achieve the required reduction in energy usage. This is why it is extremely important to have a structured energy management programme in place. Rob Wallis explains: "The BSI Kitemark® scheme for Energy Reduction Verification forms part of BSI's unique energy management solution as it enables organizations to prove energy reductions and continually cut energy costs".

This system will help companies to identify their main sources of energy consumption, and it will assist them with putting together an action plan, in training their people and, subsequently, in monitoring the implementation of that plan from year to year.

The new BSI Kitemark® will also enable companies to boost their customers' confidence in them. Rob Wallis says: "Consumers do not trust environmental claims unless they have been independently verified - but they do trust the BSI Kitemark®. Research conducted by Consumer Focus showed that 58% of consumers think that a lot of companies pretend to be green just to charge higher prices. Whereas research done by BSI revealed that 88%* of UK adults trust Kitemark®. Independent verification from BSI will boost companies' credibility with customers for taking action on the environment".

Finally, it is important to highlight that the Environment Agency, which administers the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, has approved the new BSI Kitemark® as one of the Early Action Metrics.
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BSI and Kitemark® were both voted UK Business Superbrands in 2010, by independent brand experts. * Statistics from GfK NOP Kitemark Consumer Survey
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