Greenergy Solutions, Its Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Greenergy's founders and management seeks to utilize their more than 100 years combined industry experiences (technology, operations and policy), relationships and unique skills to develop Waste-to-Energy project(s) in collaboration with foreign partners and investors.

In today's economy time is considered the critical competitive edge. Greenergy Solutions Inc. brings a combination of unique scientific and business experiences and approaches for marketing, installing and operating proven Clean Energy technologies.

The normal industry process, typically entails years of marketing, planning committee, and voter approvals.

Most important to its partners, Greenergy Solutions offers a turnkey partnership approach with minimal capital investment.

Energy Drives the Economy:Energy drives the economic engine for Philippines growth.Currently,the Philippines dependency externally for nearly all of its petroleum needs and has been unduly exposed to fluctuations in oil price. The shortfall between primary energy production and energy consumption shows that 63% of the Philippines' energy needs to be imported. The sharp increases in oil prices in the first half of 2008 have sparked a renewed interest in renewable OR ALTERNATIVES.A study by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the University of the Philippines' National Engineering Center showed that the country could save more $2.9 billion from non-importation of fossil fuel by increasing the country's renewable energy share in generating power to 41 percent.

At an energy summit in January 2008 the delegates came to a national consensus on energy strategy and discussed moving forward with renewable energy and recommended new programs in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.The need for future technologies and resources to meet the power gap provides the sector with a potentially productive investment destination.

Overview: Greenergy Solutions Inc. (Greenergy) Public Private Partnership Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Development Initiatives applies proven solutions, leading edge information and comprehensive research conducted in the Philippines by recognized and industry leading experts with over one hundred (100) years combined experience with electric utility technology, operations and policy. This recession proof program substantiates Greenergy's business model for the development of economically viable and environmentally sustainable renewable energy projects for the commercial production of energy by offering proven, privately financed, rapid construction program that allows them to accelerate Waste-to-Energy project development.

On July 2008, the founders of Greenergy had launched the "ZERO WASTE PHILIPPINES" with intention to deploy Waste-to-Energy Gasification Facilities in 1700 towns and cities in the Philippines. This bold move was motivated by Greenergy's one-year study of the renewable energy market and the various opportunities available in the industry involving waste-to-energy and its great implication to the environment.

This study presented the balance between commercial returns and the social responsibility to solve the pollution brought about by garbage.

The Waste Problem. The Philippines and its population of 94 million people faces a present and urgent need to address the current solid waste management situation that has now reach crisis proportion. Republic Act No. 9003, otherwise known as the Solid Waste Management Act, has ordered the closure of all landfills and dumpsites nationwide in 2008.

The local government units (LGUs) that have responsibility to dispose of solid waste have no mechanism in place to provide adequate and environmentally safe disposal of an increasing supply of waste that now totals 12 million tons annually.

Effective June 20, 2008, Former Secretary Joselito Atienza of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) has ordered an ultimatum to all governors and mayors nationwide to close open and controlled dumpsites or run the risk of being charged in court and removed from office. With no viable solutions now available to municipalities to address this ongoing waste management dilemma, GSI's public/private proposal for an economically viable and environmentally sustainable gasification projects for the commercial production of energy from municipal solid waste offer the best solution.

Greenergy Solutions Inc. (Greenergy)is a domestic corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines. It is a start-up domestic Philippine company, organized by the leading legal and utility professionals in the Philippines for the deployment of Waste-to-Energy Gasification Facilities and contributing to the Philippine government's targets of 60% energy self-sufficiency by 2010.

Under the Renewable Energy (RE) Policy Framework Plan adopted in 2003, the Philippines aims to double Renewable Energy capacity in 10 years. As of end 2007, RE capacity stood at 5,445 Megawatts and the Philippine Energy Plan indicates additional capacity requirements of 5,393 MW for the period 2009-2012.

The company's founders and management seeks to utilize their more than 100 years combined industry experiences (technology, operations and policy), relationships and unique skills to develop Waste-to-Energy project(s) in collaboration with foreign partners and investors experienced with development of renewable energy projects.

The Company's vision is to become a national leader in the development of economically viable and environmentally sustainable gasification projects for the commercial production of energy by offering municipalities a proven, privately financed, rapid construction program that allows municipalities to accelerate WTE development.

Greenergy's officers and consultants have historically worked variety of professional government services to the environment and utility sectors in the Philippines.

The company is both a project development and a science based company.

In the Philippines, our founders and consultants are leading experts in the electric utility and environmental sectors, with broad range of expertise in technology, operations and policy issues resulting from distinguished careers in the public and private sectors in the Philippines and abroad. The scope of experience of our founders and management qualifies Greenergy for WTE development projects that requires Integrating the disciplines of project management, the art of strategic planning and the power of advanced project management.

To say we are radically different from other Design-Build-Operate-Finance or Public Private Partnership proponents may be a stretch, however, our critical advantage is that we have designed a better mousetrap.

Our vision, stated categorically:

I.Environmental commitment in which Greenergy fully embraces sustainability;

II.Striving to have positive impact on the environment and society;

III.Material and energy management in which the company operated within the finite ecological limits of the environment;

IV.Effective stakeholder engagement in which the company is fully transparent and accountable, with a demonstrated process in process to engage and empower stakeholders.

Positioning Within the Marketplace.Greenergy is uniquely positioned as a Renewable Energy Developer in the Philippine marketplace with many distinct advantages including: Greenergy's founders and officers has a long history, as officials and employees , serving state and local government on technology, operational and policy application issues relating to these type of Processes. Greenergy has In-house engineering, environmental and design capabilities to reduce overall project development and maintenance costs.Greenergy can offer a turnkey partnership approach to municipal client who view Greenergy as experts in the electric utility industry.Greenergy lower overhead expenses, compared to larger national and international engineering and construction firms, allows us to better manage expenses and realize optimal profits for project participants, including municipal partners.

Humanitarian & Environmental Objectives.Greenergy's Public Private WTE Development Program is aimed at integrating economic, social and environmental issues. While much of the work emanating from this program involves revenue enrichment to project participants, including municipalities, local businesses and employee; The project shall also provide educational enrichment opportunities to educational institutions and help municipalities address key waste management, environmental and health care challenges for which there are no current viable solution.

Greenergy helps municipalities meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations - aligning economic and strategic humanitarian objectives.Greenergy provides a 100% solutions to the garbage problems that cause contamination of land, risks of hazardous ecosystem, air pollution and green house gases.

The project presents total solution to landfill emissions. The technology for recovery of energy from waste is very vital in mitigating if not eradicating the garbage problems.

Business Strategy and Implementation. Greenergy shall utilize the more than 100 years combined industry experiences (technology, operations and policy) and relationships of its founders and management staff to originate and develop Waste-to- Energy project(s) in collaboration with foreign partners (technology providers and EPC contractors) and investors experienced with the development of renewable energy projects.

Feasibility study determining the economic viability of deploying WTE technology in the Philippine have been completed and with Waste2Energy Gasification Technology already identified, with preliminary approval from government Regulators for the deployment the technology in the Philippines pending submission of Environmental Compliance Application and registration with Department Energy.

Greenergy's Marketing and alliances have successful produced a pipeline nine (9) Public Private Partnership Agreements of the larger Philippine municipalities and cities, and two (2) landfill operators with commitment of long term feedstock supply, including payment of tipping fees and commitment of land at or adjacent to landfill facility, along with right of way provisions,for construction of gasification facility.

There are twenty five (25) Letters of Intent (LOIs) submitted by twenty five (25) local government units (LGUs) submitted to Greenergy with commitment of long term feedstock, including payment of tipping fees and commitment of sites for the installation of the Gasification Facilities.

Greenergy is required to comply with government regulations and shall secure the necessary Environmental Compliance Certificate and file a Petition at the Energy Regulatory Commission for the approval of the purchase price of energy Generated (petition to be filed -Front End Engineering activities are completed & capital cost and net electric output is determined.(Juris Nicholo Gabriel Briones)

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