Jose Antonio Mieres, new CEO of Grupo OPDE who have formed a new Board of Directors

Grupo OPDE the Spanish multinational solar photovoltaic energy company formed by OPDE PROINSO and MECASOLAR has recently formed its new executive committee through the creation of the Board of Directors with the incorporation of the new CEO and Group Board Member, José Antonio Mieres.

The new Board of Directors of Grupo OPDE is structured in the following way: President, Alexander Chaves; Secretary, José Luis Barrenechea; CEO and Board Member for the Group, José Antonio Mieres; Javier Remacha and Gustavo Carrero Board Members. With the presence of Alejandro Chaves, Javier Remacha and Gustavo Carrero the representation of an ample majority of the shareholders of the holding company from Navarra is reinforced. José Luis Barrenetxea, Secretary of the Board of Directors, will act as an independent board member, whereas the presence of José Antonio Mieres, Board Member and CEO, will provide the new board of directors with the experience and capacity to confront the new challenges at the international level outlined by Grupo OPDE

Similarly, the Group is backed by the new Executive Management Team, led by José Antonio Mieres and made up of: Maite Remacha, from the BBVA and with extensive experience in the banking sector, and who will carry out the functions of Corporative Services Manager of Grupo OPDE with the aim of improving the internal organization and the relation with the banking organizations, as well as the improvement in competitiveness of the internal organization. Maite´s work will be supported by the new Director of Administration for Grupo OPDE, Jesus Reinoso, who comes from the automotive sector, in coordination with those currently in charge of administration Myrian Catalan and Juan Ángel Serrano.

In addition, Antonio Mingo and Luis Cid have been incorporated as Directors of Operations and Heads of Development in OPDE, both of whom who are also from IBERDROLA Engineering and Construction, will be focusing on the challenges and objectives for 2010-2013 in the development of new photovoltaic plants, their construction and maintenance in diverse markets like Italy, the USA and other countries. The rest of the new Executive Management team is made up from people in charge and works directors with extensive experience in the sector of photovoltaic solar energy, as well as in other sectors.

Similarly a new General Manager has also been incorporated into MECASOLAR, Ricardo Esteruelas, who will undertake the task of product diversification in other technologies and markets, for the company from the Group dedicated to the design and manufacture of solar trackers. MECASOLAR is set to become the motor of technological development for the group, by becoming the Technological Centre of Grupo OPDE. On the other hand, Iñigo Arellano is the new director of the Operation and Maintenance area, and is the person in charge of the maintenance for the 101 MWs that OPDE is currently developing and the area that the company intends to enhance in other markets and to increase its customer share.

According to Grupo OPDE, the new Board of Directors and Executive Team of the company will allow the company to confront new challenges such as: advancing in its internationalization process; and the entry into new markets and areas of business, as well as the product diversification in other renewable technologies.

Along these lines, Jose Antonio Mieres explains that the activity of the OPDE Group in the next four years will concentrate, not only on increasing the constructed MW, but also in opening itself to new business opportunities in other sectors, always related to energy. The company is presently working on the definition of its Strategic Plan 2011-2013.

" OPDE´s activity will be centred on the development of new photovoltaic solar farms in Italy and the USA, market diversity will be a priority in the case of PROINSO, breaking into countries such as India, Brazil, Mexico or Australia; our aim is for MECASOLAR to act as a technological lever for the Group, converting it into a Technological Centre for the development of new solar energy products and other renewable energies", explains Mieres.

Grupo OPDE currently has subsidiaries, manufacturing centres and offices in Spain, Italy, Greece, United States, Canada, Great Britain, The Czech Rep. and China. Since 2008, the year in which it initiated its internationalization process, practically 80% of sales come from foreign markets, mainly from countries like Germany, Italy, Greece and the United States, among others

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