Spring Special Sale: Save $1000 on Courses All Around Ontario!

Ontario Solar Academy is celebrating our one year anniversary with a Special Spring Sale and by expanding solar training courses to the North, South, East and West. Save $1,000 on any 5 Day Course, throughout the province, when registered by March 18!

Ontario Solar Academy is celebrating our one year anniversary with a Special Spring Sale and by expanding solar training courses to the North, South, East and West. Save $1,000 on any 5 Day Course, throughout the province, when registered by March 18!

Choose from any 5 Day Course, in any region: Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Windsor and London!

Since we opened our doors one year ago, we've trained over 350 solar enthusiasts from across the Province. But Ontario needs more qualified solar system designers and installers, so we are ramping up across Ontario to ensure that this Spring's solar installation boom has well-trained personnel! In April we are heading to the north and east: Barrie and Ottawa. In May we are heading southwest to Windsor and London.

"It's definitely going to be a busy Spring for us," says Ryan Morgan, OSA's Registrar, "But it's necessary to ensure that our 5-Day Solar PV Design & Installation Training is accessible to candidates unable to travel to the GTA for training."

After Solar Academy began getting calls to bring its first-rate, ISPQ accredited training outside of the GTA, a decision was made to invest in a large trailer and develop a mobile unit capable of bringing all the training equipment to any city in the Province. Jacob Travis, Solar Academy's founder and director, is confident with the decision to go mobile. "With a high-tech mobile solar lab and a well-trained team of lab assistants, we are now able to guarantee the same high-quality training on the road that we deliver in the GTA." While many students travel from great distances to come to our training in the GTA, other regions have become hot spots for solar companies. "OSA wants to ensure that every region of Ontario has a pool of professionally trained solar design and installation talent."

Ontario Solar Academy will be conducting its 5 Day Solar PV Design and Installation Courses in Barrie on April 4-8 and Ottawa, April 11-15. Trainings will be held in Windsor, May 9-13, and in London, May 16-20.

Sign up by March 14th and save yourself $1,000! At this price, courses will fill up fast! Register today!

For more information about Ontario Solar Academy courses click here.

Expanded Internship & Co-op Opportunities

Ontario Solar Academy (OSA) is expanding its Solar Internship Program to enable more college and university students to participate. With so many students finishing school in April, Solar Academy is expanding its internship program to more young professionals eager to gain a foothold in the province's rapidly expanding solar industry. Similar to previous internship opportunities at OSA, this new initiative will provide qualified candidates with our full, ISPQ-accredited, 5 Day Solar PV Entry Level Training, complete with a hands-on solar lab, followed by real-world industry experience. Interns also benefit from participation in OSA's sister organization, Ontario Solar Network gaining unique exposure to key decision-makers and the most pressing issues governing Ontario's solar market.

OSA Director, Jacob Travis, comments that, "Because the true value of any internship is how effectively it prepares individuals for the job market, we've designed this program as a gateway between solar PV training and professional success." He adds, "In addition to solar classes led by NABCEP-certified instructors, our interns get immediately engaged with the province's professional solar community through Ontario Solar Network of which OSA is a founding member."

Beneficiaries of OSA's internship program include Carlos Rodrigues, who went on to work at Ontario Solar Provider before becoming Director of Operations at Martifer Solar Canada. Bilal Rabah's intership led to a position in business development as an Account Manager at AS Solar.

Several OSA Interns have continued on with Solar Academy as it continues to expand. Matt Summers began as an intern with our October training and he now serves as OSA's Operations Manager. Matt says, "My intern position provided me with a fantastic opportunity in an emerging industry. The internship gave me invaluable experience that led to significant career and personal growth."

Helen Chen is our most recent intern. Helen is working for OSA's sister organization, Ontario Solar Network, in fulfillment of her co-op program at University of Waterloo. She's playing a key role in the development of the Network's new website, to be released in late March.

Ontario Solar Academy and Ontario Solar Network have exciting opportunities for those with a passion for solar, a strong work ethic, and a pioneering spirit.

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