From Portugal to China: Strengthening markets for CPV

Magpower and Suntrix are two companies leading the way in commercializing CPV in emerging markets for the technology, and will be sharing their experiences at the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA (14-15 November, San Jose, CA).

PV Insider are delighted to announce the addition of two new case studies at the 3rd CPV Summit USA, as part of their CPV Landmarks' section. From the geographical perspective Portugal and China are two of the most exciting emerging markets for CPV today; the companies will be giving the insider's viewpoint, taking one specific project as a model.

Magpower is one of the world`s largest manufacturers of CPV solar modules and trackers, which resulted from seven years of R&D of a highly innovative technology in electricity generation. The company has installed its first manufacturing plant in Portugal with an annual production capacity of 50MW, and is in the process of consolidating its presence in several countries including Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

At the 3rd CPV Summit USA, the CTO of Magpower, Jaime Silva, will be discussing the critical lessons learnt when comparing the side-by-side performance of CPV and traditional PV plants in Portugal. Since their 0.5MW HCPV installation has been grid connected since March 2010, Silva will also examine the operation and maintenance performance over eighteen months.

As the popularity of CPV technology continues to grow in China, Suntrix are set to share their experiences of working in the market at the conference. Earlier in the year, President and CEO Guy Rong told PV Insider that more and more CPV projects will be installed in China, reflecting trends that are apparent across the globe. CPV can offer the utilities a low LCOE, who are already under pressure to expand their capacities of renewable power plants. Since C-Si is believed to have limited cost reduction potential, CPV is well placed to exploit the opportunity.

Event organizer Matt Carr said that the addition of the two case studies will add a new dimension to the conference. "I am really pleased to be able to add Suntrix and Magpower to the agenda for the CPV Summit", said Carr. "Getting the opportunity to hear actual O&M experience at a CPV site is rare, while Suntrix's experience of working in China will be particularly exciting."

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