Obvius and Fronius Partner to Provide Scalable Inverter-Direct Monitoring

Leading energy information company, Obvius, and solar photovoltaic inverter company, Fronius, team up to bring new integrated solution to market

October 3, 2011 - Hillsboro, OR – Obvius Holdings LLC and Fronius International GmbH today announced a strategic partnership. The two companies worked together to develop a complete, interoperable monitoring solution that provides plug-and-play integration. The Fronius IG Plus and CL inverters are now supported by the Obvius AcquiSuite™, AcquiSuite EMB™ and AcquiLite EMB™ product lines.

"We were able to utilize our own expertise in inverter-direct communications and work with Fronius in order to give U.S. customers a scalable solution and the ability to choose best of breed components when choosing a solar PV system," said Cole Knappen, vice president of sales and marketing for Obvius. "Opening up a first-class system like that which Fronius has to the strong flexibility demands of the U.S. marketplace is an exciting advancement."

When a Fronius inverter is ordered with a Fronius Com Card and USB converter, the Obvius data acquisition server offers inverter-direct communications, Modbus TCP output, and instant integration with all third party software monitoring providers.

Some of the key benefits that have resulted from this partnership include:
Increased ease of use with plug-and-play support for Fronius IG+ and CL series inverters
Instant integration with industry-leading third party monitoring software providers including Also Energy, ArgusON, DECK Monitoring, Draker Laboratories, Locus Energy and Noveda Technologies
Open and scalable with the ability to add up to 99 inverters
Advanced diagnostic tools to monitor inverter and site performance

This collaboration between Obvius and Fronius provides the world's leading integrated third party data acquisition system in one reliable, complete solution. The platform allows users to easily incorporate other system components such as string monitoring, revenue grade meters and environmental sensors through the Modbus communication platform.

About Obvius
Obvius provides cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions for collecting energy information - including total site performance data from inverters, combiner boxes, subcombiners, meters and environmental sensors – remotely accessible through any standard web browser. Perfect for any energy management or Smart Grid application, Obvius continues to deliver world-class data acquisition hardware. For more information, visit www.obvius.com

About Fronius USA, LLC
Fronius USA, LLC Solar Electronics Division is the North American sales, support and distribution center for Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Wels, Austria. Specializing in energy conversion technologies, Fronius has over 65 years experience and employs over 2800 globally. Fronius takes pride in providing world class customer service and has over 350,000 Fronius solar inverters installed worldwide.


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