Phono Solar chosen to provide high-quality modules for SunCap Financial residential leasing program

The new agreement adds Phono Solar modules to the SunCap Financial residential leasing program

THE WOODLANDS, TX - Phono Solar, one of the largest producers of mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar modules, has just been approved by SunCap Financial, a Houston based provider of residential solar leasing. The new agreement places Phono Solar panels on the approved equipment list, adding the high-quality modules to the SunCap Financial residential leasing program.

The movement towards clean energy, combined with increasing utility costs, make solar power an attractive option for homeowners everywhere. The upfront cost of buying and installing a solar system is often the sole obstacle preventing homeowners from moving forward with this process.

Solar leasing presents an attractive alternative to owning a solar system, offering homeowners all the benefits of solar energy without the initial financial commitment. SunCap Financial has designed affordable options for quick and easy turnkey access to solar power, backed by insurance and system warranty.

With the SunCap Financial lease, homeowners commit to low monthly payments for a residential solar system, often times utility savings are greater than a monthly lease payment. This new and innovative approach promises to make these clean energy systems more accessible.

Now, homeowners moving forward with the SunCap Financial program are able to select quality Phono Solar modules in their residential installations. This will add additional assurance to the installation, as Phono Solar modules are consistently recognized in the top 1% of performance ratings.

"Here at SunCap Financial our goal is to make it easier for homeowners to reap the benefits of solar energy," begins Jordan Fruge, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SunCap Financial. "Bringing Phono Solar panels onto our list of approved products was an easy decision for us, as their quality modules promise to maximize energy produced from each installation."

"Being part of the SunCap Financial solar leasing program is a big win for us," shares David Allen, Vice President Sales, Phono Solar North America. "We are pleased to be part of a program which makes solar power more accessible, and reaching out to the residential market is a great way to promote clean energy."

The SunCap Financial residential leasing program is currently available to homeowners in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

About SunCap Financial
SunCap Financial provides a residential solar lease product through a network of qualified solar installer Partners. With a thorough understanding of the market and deep industry experience, SunCap is focused on making solar a simple and affordable solution for homeowners.
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About Phono Solar
Phono Solar Inc. is one of the world's largest photo-voltaic module manufacturers. As a leading supplier of solar modules, Phono Solar designs, manufactures and delivers solar products for on and off-grid use. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Phono Solar provides its partners with high-quality, competitively priced PV modules that are among the industry leaders in efficiency and warranty.
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