Practical PR tips for the Renewable Energies sector

The Press Agency Krampitz's "PR Handbook for New Energies" has been published

Cologne, 24 November 2011. The Press Agency Krampitz is publishing a new guide for press relations work in the renewable energies sector on 1 January 2012. The 230 page publication explains to managing directors and employees in charge of marketing and PR from biomass, solar and wind companies how they should select and link PR measures, find the correct topics and the appropriate target media and prepare an action plan for media work.

"Strategic press relations work is becoming ever more important for companies in the renewable energies sector", says the publisher and main author Iris Krampitz. "Because the components no longer sell themselves, consolidation is in full swing and ever more companies are in crisis. By means of strategic PR, new target groups can be approached, recognition increased and image improved – more credibly and economically than would be possible by advertising." Krampitz knows her business. She can look back on thirteen years of experience in the sector.

From the sector for the sector

Step by step, the main author explains to her readers how they can create their own concept and monitor the success of their media work. In practical terms, she describes how to compile a press distribution list, how to make contact with journalists at a trade fair and what should be observed in organising a press conference. "In my texts I have rigorously taken examples from the renewable energies sector and prepared sector specific check lists – regardless of whether it concerns the structure and language of a press release, the concept for a trade fair, the scenic preamble to a professional article or the questions for an interview".

The sector journalists Heiko Schwarzburger, Jörn Iken and Joachim Berner comment on the press relations work of biomass, solar and wind companies. They explain what they expect of a good press office, which sources they use for information, what has irritated them and which PR campaign has most impressed them. The photographer, David Klammer, gives tips for organising a photographic documentary.

Co authors for marketing, social media and crisis communication

Further chapters deal with strategic positioning, internet marketing, press relations work with social networks, crisis communication and international PR. Co authors are the social media experts Anja Beckmann and Nadja Amireh, the strategy and marketing expert Kathrin Fervers, SEO-specialist Kim Opgenoorth and the crisis communications expert Jan Schoenmakers.

The extensive appendix provides an overview of important international specialist magazines and trade fairs, includes literature and gives link recommendations and tips for the content and the search engine optimisation of websites.

Interested persons can order the "PR Handbook for New Energies" for € 29.90 including VAT (plus postage and shipping costs) from Press Agency Krampitz in German or English. You can find sample excerpts and an order form under the following link:

Iris Krampitz
PR Handbook for New Energies
Press Agency Krampitz, Cologne, 1st Edition (2012)
ISBN (German): 978-3-00-036647-5
ISBN (English): 978-3-00-036646-8

Press Agency Krampitz

The Press Agency Krampitz was founded in 2004 by the graduate chemist Iris Krampitz and since then has concentrated solely on public relations for renewable energies. The Press Agency is focussed on providing the entire palette of PR services, internationally and technologically, for companies and institutes in the renewable energy sector. Its service is equivalent to that of a full service PR agency but work is also done on a project basis for customers.

The Press Agency Krampitz supports journalists and customers in five European languages. Currently, Krampitz has eight permanent employees and many freelancers.

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