Webinar – CSP & PV market prospects in the MENA region

CSP Today have released details of their hotly anticipated free webinar looking at the potential for CSP & PV technology to take off in the MENA regional markets, taking place Thursday 16th February.

The knock-on effects of the economic downturn are rippling across the more mature solar markets with shrinking government incentives, restricted access to capital, and the continuous increase in competition from abroad. Whilst established solar mainstays continue to suffer, support for solar energy across the MENA region is gathering pace. MENA solar could be next in line to fill the supply/demand gap that Europe can no longer meet, and many GCC countries have made clear commitments to increase the level of solar developments within their energy mix.

However, investors are beginning to ask the difficult question of whether money can be made
from MENA solar in the short to medium term, considering the lack of feed in tariffs, political instabilitys and limited on-the-ground experience which is so vital for solar technology bankability.

To debate these critical industry challenges in greater depth, CSP Today has organized a free to attend webinar, taking place on Thursday 16th February at 9.0am CET (12am UAE). During this forty minute interactive session, Matthias Peschke of Masdar PV & Samer Zureikat of MENA Cleantech will debate and discuss these critical topics:

Listen to solar successes in MENA, and during this exciting growth period for the industry get an idea of timeframe for when the doors will open for new projects in specific technologies
In the global solar market, get an understanding of how high MENA is ranked on the CSP and PV watch-list, and understand the barriers behind hindering its full potential
Explore solar's unique selling points and beneficiaries of being situated in desert environments, making it a truly viable utility scale options to convert from Fossil Fuels in 2012 for MENA

Max Crompton, Event Director at CSP Today said The MENA region is taking significant steps towards promoting and integrating solar within the energy mix. The likelihood of exporting power to Europe is becoming ever more realistic with the DII's efforts, and Abu Dhabi in particular with Masdar are spearheading the renewables effort in the middle east and setting the perfect example for start-up companies. However, to date it is clear that more needs to be understood on how to utilise the different technologies in a collective effort, rather than competing with one another. We are looking forward to kick starting the discussion on how the future of CSP & PV can be secured with the webinar which is free to anyone to attend'.

The webinar can be joined for free at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/757248270 and with limited spaces available it is advise that you sign-up early.

The programme is part of the preparation for MENASOL 2012, which is taking place 16-17 May in Abu Dhabi.

More information about both the webinar and the event can be found at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/757248270 or contact Max Crompton at max@csptoday.com

Featured Product

Easy monitoring with weather sensors from Lufft

Easy monitoring with weather sensors from Lufft

Professional weather sensors form the heart of large solar plants supporting their operation and performance. Lufft was the first manufacturer to combine several sensors in one housing, bringing the largest multiparameter weather sensor family with 19 members into being. Many of them are well-suited for solar site assessment and continuous monitoring. The most commonly used one is the WS600 delivering data on temperature, air pressure, wind, relative humidity and precipitation. Through its open protocol, it can easily be attached to radiation sensors e.g. from Kipp&Zonen. Other models have an integrated Silicon, Second Class or Secondary Standard radiation sensor.