New Research Shows 3-Fold Reduction in Physical Herbicide Drift for Enlist System

Dow AgroSciences Developing Innovative Stewardship Program

The new Enlist™ Weed Control System being developed by Dow AgroSciences LLC will help farmers address pressing weed control challenges with technology that features an up to 3-fold reduction of the amount of physical herbicide drift compared to current technology, according to new data just shared by Dow AgroSciences scientists at the Weed Science Society of America's (WSSA) national meeting. More than a dozen research summaries from the company were presented at the WSSA meeting held Feb. 6 – 9 in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Components of the Enlist system have not yet received regulatory approvals.

Drift and Volatility Reduced Significantly by Colex-D Technology

Based on Dow AgroSciences' research, physical herbicide drift can be reduced by up to a factor of three when using the company's Enlist herbicide solution featuring the new Colex-D™ Technology. Colex-D Technology consists of the new 2,4-D choline, the latest formulation science and proprietary manufacturing processes. Reducing herbicide drift is important to farmers as they manage the dynamics of crop production.

Research presented also found that Colex-D Technology makes great strides in reducing product loss to volatilization, also known as vapor loss. Field studies with 2,4-D choline found that vapor loss was reduced to less than 0.5 percent, making it 50 to over 1,000 percent lower compared to loss with traditional forms of 2,4-D. The research data also highlighted the advanced methods the company is using to evaluate and refine measurement of off-target herbicide movement for new products, according to Mark Peterson, global biology leader, Enlist Weed Control System, Dow AgroSciences.

"Our goal is to provide farmers and applicators with tangible recommendations and information as they look forward to having the Enlist system as a way to address their serious weed control issues," said Peterson. "It is about foresight and insight. Our research team has spent years discovering new products and looking at ways to advance formulations and application technology. The insight we have obtained is allowing us to advance weed management."

Enlist System Also Includes Robust Trait Tolerance

During the meeting, researchers also presented information showing the crop tolerance benefits of Enlist traits. For example, Enlist corn tested across both 2010 and 2011 continued to show robust tolerance after multiple applications of twice the anticipated use rates of the Enlist herbicide solution. In addition, crop yield showed no reduction compared to corn that did not contain the Enlist trait.

"The tolerance and weed control data reaffirms the robust ability of the Enlist trait to deliver the herbicide tolerance and performance farmers need for sustainable cropping systems as they strive for increased productivity," said Peterson.

Dow AgroSciences Taking Comprehensive Approach to Stewardship

Dow AgroSciences researchers also discussed the company's efforts to develop a new, comprehensive approach to stewardship for the Enlist system. Designed as a management resource for farmers, the program will focus on responsible use of the technology as well as education and best practice recommendations. For example, the Colex-D Technology package will provide farmers with new benefits such as ultra-low volatility, minimized potential for drift, decreased odor and improved handling characteristics. Educational and training efforts will also be part of the stewardship effort, which represents forward thinking and input from working with industry members.

"Talking with stakeholders from across agriculture has helped us shape our industry-leading stewardship program for Enlist, and we are committed to promoting responsible use of new technologies and sustaining long-term performance for farmers," said Joe Vertin, global Enlist business leader, Dow AgroSciences.

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