Gehrlicher Solar and Masdar PV build roof-top installation with full-size modules

The 7.7 kWp roof-top installation is the second of its kind with modules of this size as roof elements.

Ichtershausen/Dornach near Munich, 21. February 2012 - The 5.7 m² large

thin-film solar modules from Masdar PV gleam in the sunshine with a slightly
reddish hue. In this showpiece project, Gehrlicher Solar, in the role of
system integrator, working together with Masdar PV, has demonstrated the
versatility of full-size modules. The innovative installation in Belgium was
recently hooked up to the power grid for the French customer InnoVent. The
7.7 kWp roof-top installation is the second of its kind with modules of this
size as roof elements.

This is the continuation of the successful cooperation between Gehrlicher
Solar and Masdar PV. The project entailed challenging requirements in terms
of innovative and engineering abilities, as did their first cooperative
project. The building on which the thin-skin solar modules were to be
mounted was an old barn built back in the late 19th century. The structure's
age and its sloping roof made it necessary to use a special sub-construction
for the modules. The experts from Gehrlicher had the right solution to hand
though: the GehrTec Intra substructure allowed Masdar PV's solar modules to
be fully integrated into the roof and thus create a completely rain-proof
roof system.

Since the substructure required only a few system components and the a-Si
solar modules offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio, the system's total
costs are such as to render it very attractive to investors. "We are proud
to have carried out this project with Gehrlicher Solar", said Dr. Matthias
Peschke, COO of Masdar PV, adding: "Following our joint pilot project for a
façade-integrated system in Munich, we have once again been able to offer
our customer an innovative and aesthetically appealing solution." Klaus
Gehrlicher, CEO of Gehrlicher Solar, is also very pleased with the latest
joint effort: "By using our well-tested substructure in combination with the
full-size modules from Masdar PV, we can offer our customers solutions that
are even more economical."

For InnoVent, the project planner, this example of cooperation with
Gehrlicher Solar and Masdar PV represents the prelude to a good business
relationship. The highly innovative company, whose achievements include that
of building one of the first wind farms in France, is also developing
projects based on solar and wind energy in southern Africa. Products from
Masdar PV are currently being used there as well.

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