Photo Release -- FuelCell Energy and Air Products Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Market Tri-Generation Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants

Tri-generation Direct FuelCell(R) power plants generate hydrogen, ultra-clean electricity and usable high quality heat at the point of use -- On-site hydrogen production from stationary fuel cell power plants a way to develop hydrogen infrastructure

DANBURY, Conn., March 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FuelCell Energy, Inc.

(Nasdaq:FCEL) a leading manufacturer of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable
fuel cell power plants, today announced the signing of a memorandum of
understanding with Air Products (NYSE:APD) to work toward the market
development of stationary Direct FuelCell(R) (DFC(R)) power plants that
simultaneously produce hydrogen, ultra-clean electricity and usable high
quality heat. Target markets for these tri-generation stationary fuel cell
power plants include industrial hydrogen users as well as vehicle fueling

"On-site or distributed co-production of hydrogen in a cost effective and
efficient manner from stationary fuel cell power plants represents
tremendous market potential," said Ed Kiczek, global director -- Hydrogen
Energy Systems at Air Products. "Hydrogen is an alternative fuel that can
simultaneously reduce a country's dependence on imported oil and
significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

The initiative seeks to develop a market for tri-generation megawatt-class
power plants around the world. Industrial users of hydrogen can utilize all
three of the DFC revenue streams including hydrogen, electricity and heat.
On-site or local production of hydrogen and electricity eliminates the
delivery costs incurred by industrial companies while enhancing security and
reliability of supply.

"By combining our industry-leading fuel cell technology and expertise with
the market reach, hydrogen processing, and distribution capabilities of Air
Products, together we can create the hydrogen infrastructure with a solution
that is ready today," said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive
Officer, FuelCell Energy, Inc. "Our stationary fuel cell power plants are
quite versatile and this initiative represents what we expect to be an
efficient and cost effective manner of providing on-site hydrogen production
in an environmentally friendly manner."

Distributed generation of hydrogen could help to enable hydrogen
infrastructure development by producing hydrogen in locations convenient for
end-uses such as vehicle fueling or industrial use.
Fueling operations or neighboring facilities can utilize the ultra-clean
electricity and high quality heat produced. Using DFC power plants to
generate hydrogen near the point of use supports domestic jobs while
promoting energy independence as DFC plants are designed and manufactured in
the United States and utilize abundant natural gas as a fuel source.

FuelCell Energy and Air Products are already working together on a three
year hydrogen production project in California, which began in 2011. Under
subcontract to Air Products, FuelCell Energy is operating a DFC power plant
at an Orange County Sanitation District wastewater treatment facility near
Los Angeles. The project, funded in part by the United States Department of
Energy, California Air Resources Board, South Coast Air Quality Management
District, Southern California Gas Company, and also involving the National
Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine, is
providing renewable hydrogen for vehicle fueling along with ultra-clean
electricity. The power plant efficiently converts biogas generated from the
wastewater treatment process into renewable hydrogen for a nearby vehicle
fueling station operated by Air Products, as well as ultra-clean electricity
used by the wastewater treatment facility.

FuelCell Energy manufactures stationary fuel cell power plants that provide
continuous baseload power in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly
process. DFC power plants are fuel flexible, using readily available fuel
sources such as clean natural gas or renewable biogas. These fuels are
converted to hydrogen by the fuel cell process. The electro-chemical power
generation process does not utilize all of the hydrogen generated by the
fuel cells so the excess hydrogen can be used to meet other demands such as
vehicle fueling or industrial purposes. Due to the absence of combustion in
the fuel cell power generation process, virtually no pollutants are emitted
such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), or particulate matter,
resulting in ultra-clean power generation.

Air Products, a leading global supplier of hydrogen to refineries to assist
in the production of cleaner burning transportation fuels, has unique
experience in the hydrogen fueling industry. The company has placed over 130
hydrogen fueling stations in the United States and 19 countries worldwide.
Cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters, forklifts, locomotives, planes, cell
towers, material handling equipment, and even submarines have been fueled
with technologies that involve Air Products' know-how, equipment and
hydrogen. Use of the company's technology is increasing and is currently
over 370,000 hydrogen fills per year.

Air Products has more than 50 years of hydrogen experience and is on the
forefront of hydrogen energy technology development. Air Products has an
extensive patent portfolio with over 50 patents in hydrogen dispensing
technology. Air Products provides liquid and gaseous hydrogen, and HCNG
(hydrogen/compressed natural gas) fueling, and has developed a variety of
enabling devices and protocols for fuel dispensing at varied pressures.
Hydrogen for these stations can be delivered to a site via truck, produced
by natural gas reformation, biomass conversion, or by electrolysis,
including electrolysis that is solar and wind driven.

About Air Products

Air Products (NYSE:APD) provides atmospheric, process and specialty gases;
performance materials; equipment; and technology. For over 70 years, the
company has enabled customers to become more productive, energy efficient
and sustainable. More than 18,000 employees in over 40 countries supply
innovative solutions to the energy, environment and emerging markets. These
include semiconductor materials, refinery hydrogen, coal gasification,
natural gas liquefaction, and advanced coatings and adhesives. In fiscal
2011, Air Products had sales of $10.1 billion. For more information, visit

About FuelCell Energy

Direct FuelCell(R) power plants are generating ultra-clean, efficient and
reliable power at more than 50 locations worldwide. With over 180 megawatts
of power generation capacity installed or in backlog, FuelCell Energy is a
global leader in providing ultra-clean baseload distributed generation to
utilities, industrial operations, universities, municipal water treatment
facilities, government installations and other customers around the world.
The Company's power plants have generated more than one billion kilowatt
hours of ultra-clean power using a variety of fuels including renewable
biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing, as well as clean
natural gas. For more information please visit our website at

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