SGCC Members Lead Industry in Green Button Initiative

Fifteen members of consumer-focused smart grid nonprofit sign on to Green Button

ATLANTA, GA - April 25, 2012 -The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC),

a nonprofit specializing in research and education on smart grid consumer
engagement, announced today that 15 members of the organization have made
commitments to support the Green Button Initiative, ultimately providing
over 45 million customers with secure access to their energy data with a
simple click of an online Green Button. Green Button is an industry-led
effort that responds to a White House call-to-action to provide consumers
with streamlined data about their household energy use.

In addition to SGCC utility members Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Southern
California Edison, Pepco Holdings, Inc., San Diego Gas & Electric, American
Electric Power, Baltimore Gas and Electric and CenterPoint Energy that have
committed to the Green Button Initiative, several technology members have
also recently joined in. These companies' offerings will add additional
functionality and ease for consumer adoption.

Among the SGCC technology partners committed to the initiative are Aclara,
Tendril, Itron, OPower, Oracle, Silver Spring Networks, Efficiency 2.0 and
Simple Energy.

Tendril has already implemented Green Button, integrating Green Button
functionality in the Tendril Connect platform, including Green Button APIs
for third-party applications and launching an app gallery at In addition, the company is testing creative
practices for generating bold new apps. Cameron Brooks, VP of Policy at
Tendril, said, "We've been actively sponsoring developers' contests and
hackathons because we believe that is where the innovation will come from
that will transform the consumer's relationship to electricity."

Boulder-based SGCC member technology company Simple Energy, pioneer of an
online energy gamification platform by the same name, has also become active
with Green Button, committing to it early and offering a Green Button app
live since January. "The Green Button Initiative is an example of new data
standards creating the opportunity to deliver increased customer value,"
said Justin Segall, EVP of Simple Energy and co-author of a recent white
paper on data standards and customer engagement. "By utilizing smart grid
and smart meter data in conjunction with applications like Simple Energy
that make that information easily understandable, customers will have
greater control over their energy bills."

"Our members are often on the vanguard of new industry developments,
especially those that provide better ways to serve and engage the customer,"
said SGCC Executive Director Patty Durand. "It is no surprise to see them
leading the way on this new consumer-focused initiative."

Nick Sinai of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is
expected to discuss progress on the Green Button at the CS Week conference
in the first week of May. The most up-to-date Green Button adopter lists are
maintained on

About Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the
mission of accelerating the adoption of a consumer-friendly, consumer-safe
and consumer-approved smart grid. Membership is open to advocacy groups,
technology vendors, research laboratories and electric utilities for
collaboration in research, best practices and consumer education.

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