Publication of the first Wind Technician AS college text book focused on wind turbine maintenance for the US.

Maintenance Fundamentals for Wind Technicians, 1st Editionwill be released on May 15th, 2012.

April 26, 2012

This is the first Wind Technician AS degree college textbook focused on wind turbine maintenance available within the US. The book is authored by Wayne Kilcollins, Wind Power Technology Instructor at Northern Maine Community College, and published by Delmar, Cengage Learning.

Mr. Kilcollins helped create the Wind Power Technology program at Northern Maine Community College. This was one of the first of 10 such programs developed in the US to serve the growing US wind industry with skilled technicians.

"When the program began we had to be creative in using academic resources from Europe and the general industry," explains Mr. Kilcollins. "Now we have a support text book that was specifically designed to work within our national college system for maintenance activities." One foresighted aspect included in the book is offshore working issues as well as onshore wind. It will be 1-3 years before the first US offshore projects are operational.

The book was created with substantial industry support. The PLARAD Group in its role as a "global player" in the wind power industry supported this project by providing torque tools and corresponding training seminars in Maine, as well as photo material used in the book. Furthermore PLARAD also initiated a donation campaign for NMCC in Germany (Partners: August Friedberg Bolts, PSA Safety Equipment).

Additional technical support and content also came from First Wind, The University of Maine in Presque Isle, and the Cianbro Corporation.

The book will be unveiled publically for the first time at the AWEA WindPower Exhibition and Conference at a special ceremony held at the Maine Wind Pavilion, booth # 1321, at 4:00 on Tuesday, June 5th.

With an emphasis on both practice and theory, Maintenance Fundamentals for Wind Technicansprovides a comprehensive introduction to the field of wind energy that is appropriate for any electrical or mechanical technician. Through topics such as developing a preventative maintenance program, determining the performance of a wind turbine system, and monitoring improvement through system data analysis, this text teaches students the skills they need to be successful wind energy technicians. Safety-related practices, such as working at heights, tower rescue practices, and offshore projects, are emphasized to ensure that students understand the hazards associated with working in the wind industry. Filled with pedagogy such as hands-on exercises, applications, troubleshooting tips, and learning objectives keyed to AWEA skills, students will learn everything they need to know about maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting turbines on wind farms. Other features include:

*Technical concepts that reinforce how preventative maintenance improves equipment performance.

*Reference material to assist electrical and mechanical technicians in bridging the gap between the two disciplines.

*Technical material that shows students how to implement safe work activities.

*Preventative maintenance activity examples that aid the understanding of skills required for technicians.

Wayne Kilcollins is currently the lead instructor for the Wind Power Technology program at Northern Maine Community College. For more than 25 years, he has worked in electrical components manufacturing and related industries for companies such as Bell Labs, Control Devices, First Technology, and GE Wind Energy. Over the course of his career, his responsibilities have included research and development for underwater applications of fiber optic communication systems, design and development of electromechanical circuit protection devices, and training of electrical and maintenance technicians with troubleshooting of automated assembly equipment. He also has extensive experience with Wind Power Technology, including wind turbine operations and maintenance. Throughout his career, Wayne Kilcollins has played an active role in promoting workforce development through affiliation with organizations such as the American Wind Energy Association's Education Working Group, Maine Wind Industry Initiative, and participation with the Maine Gubernatorial Renewable Energy Mission to Europe.

For More information contact:
Paul Williamson,
Director and Industry Coordinator

Maine Wind Industry Initiative
PO Box 129
511 Congress Street
Portland, Maine, 04112

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