San Diego, CA – June 2012 – Talco Electronics, a nationwide wind turbine distributor, announced the release of their new short video "I Am Here". The 3 minute video aims to strip away the politics and controversy that often surrounds wind turbines and renewable energy. The primary purpose of this video is to highlight the importance of wind power and to encourage consumers to truly understand the benefits that wind power can bring to schools, farms, businesses and communities. Even with recent bi-partisan wind power support, there are constant controversial arguments as to how wind projects are affecting health, safety, wildlife and property values. These issues blind consumers to the vast number of benefits of wind power can offer.

"We aren't suggesting for consumers not to research the rhetoric vs. the reality of these issues. It's unfortunate that the positive changes wind power has to offer are too often covered up by the persuasive power of particular statistics used to bolster weak arguments. Add political agendas behind the media that is pushing the issues and the genuine intention of the wind project collapses. I want to cut through the politics and bring the benefits of wind power to the forefront" –Tal Mamo, President and Founder, Talco Electronics. The stories of the school, farm and business portrayed in the video came directly from Talco's actual case studies, and illustrate these benefits of wind turbines that Tal refers to.

The concept of the video is simple: putting aside political rhetoric to focus on the positive impact of wind power. Talco believes in the power of wind and harnessing its energy to improve and preserve our world, our community, and our future. This video was made to share with others who also understand and believe in using our natural resources to power our world as well as those seeking to further understand benefits of wind power. The video is available to view now at: http://www.talco.com/media/.

About Talco Electronics
As the nation's leading wind turbine distributor, Talco only supplies turbines that have been "third party certified" ensuring high performance and cost-effective solutions to save customers money on electric bills and reduce their carbon footprint.
So for over a decade, Talco has been helping switch customers to wind with a simple and easy process. They provide high quality products with exceptional service, from start to finish. Talco provides a one-stop, full service solution to ensure every project is a success. Learn more about how Talco can help

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