Fronius is equipped for the future

Even in turbulent times, quality leader Fronius proves to be a safe haven. The 512 m² trade fair stand at Intersolar 2012 was more than well visited.

One highlight was the Fronius House of the Future, a pilot project for an energy-autonomous single family dwelling which generated great interest among trade fair visitors. The new Agilo inverter and the flexible service packages from the quality conscious brand garnered a high level of attention as well. Fronius further surpised fair attendees by presenting three exciting new power categories for the tried and tested Fronius IG Plus series.

Born and headquartered in Austria, Fronius has 20 years of experience in the field of solar electronics. "The large number of visitors to the Fronius stand and the great interest in our products and services tell us that we have been doing a lot of things right over the last 20 years", Martin Hackl, Head of the Fronius Solar Electronics division, is pleased to say.

A completely autonomous electricity and heating supply from the Fronius House of the Future

"The objective of the Fronius House of the Future is a completely autonomous electricity and heating supply", explains DI Michael Schubert, of the Sales Development department for the Fronius Energy Cell, that will be operating at a Fronius location in the near future.

For short-term storage in the energy autonomous single family house, batteries are charged by solar generated power, enabling power to be supplied in the evening and during the hours of darkness. For long-term storage, the electrolyzer in the Fronius Energy Cell generates hydrogen from excess power and stores it in an external tank. The fuel cell function of the Fronius Energy Cell converts the hydrogen back into electrical power supplying the household with electricity even in the winter.

The heat produced by the conversion process is used to provide hot water and auxiliary heating. The energy management system that is being implemented in cooperation with Sauter AG (Basel) also enables the most efficient energy usage and distribution. The Fronius House of the Future achieves complete autonomy for electrical supply and heating.

More agility with the Fronius Agilo

"The Fronius Agilo is the first central inverter in the 75 kW and the 100 kW performance classes that can be completely installed, commissioned, and maintained by the installer", explains Martin Hackl. Special heavy duty castors and its compact design enable the installer to handle the inverter simply and in an agile manner. The ability to replace components on site ensures simple and quick servicing and consequent yield security.

The maximum efficiency of 97.2 percent ensures the highest possible yields. With its 75 kW or 100 kW power output, the three-phase device is suitable for industrial or commercial PV systems, and is designed for feed-in to the low voltage grid. Due to the spacious connection area, installation is carried out very easily. The new V terminal technology saves the installer time and money as cable lugs and special tools are no longer needed. 1From September 2012, the Fronius Agilo 100.0-3 is available as indoor equipment. Fronius Agilo 75.0-3 and the outdoor variants will be available from January 2013.

Flexible service package

Along with the launch of the new Agilo 100.0-3 and the Fronius Agilo 75.0-3 central inverters, Fronius is extending its range of services to include new service packages. "These packages are clearly distinguished from all other packages on the market by their flexibility", explains Daniel Drescher, responsible for Marketing Services at Fronius. From extending the standard manufacturer's warranty of five years and an additional, comprehensive maintenance package to a 99% availability guarantee, you will be able to find the right package for every need.

Three new three-phase inverters

Just in time for Intersolar 2012, Fronius has conjured up three new performance classes in the popular Fronius IG Plus series. "With the Fronius IG Plus 55 V-3, the Fronius IG Plus 60 V-3 and the Fronius IG Plus 80 V-3, Fronius is providing the ideal equipment for the residential and small commercial fields", explains Martin Hackl. With an output power of 5 kW, 6 kW, or 7 kW, these pieces of equipment complete the three-phase product range of 5 to 12 kW.

Advantages such as optimum yield under part-load conditions and maximum service life from the Fronius MIX™ concept, HF transformer switching, the Fronius Module Manager™, the PC board replacement, and ventilation concept, as well as the simple assembly system provide maximum yield security, a wide range of applications, and great reliability.

The Fronius IG Plus 55 V-3 inverter is available starting July 1, 2012. The Fronius IG Plus 60 V-3 and the Fronius IG Plus 80 V-3 from September 1, 2012. They are intended for use world-wide².

1 Initial production is likely to be for the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, (low voltage grid), France, Greece, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Further national certifications will follow in 2013.
² Exceptions: Spain, Australia, Israel, and China.

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