Baker Electric Inc. Announces 400th EV Charging Station Installation Milestone

Electrical contractor, Baker Electric Inc., is pleased to announce its 400th Electric Vehicle (EV) residential charging station installation.

Baker Electric, Inc., a full-service electrical prime and subcontractor, is pleased to announce its 400th Electric Vehicle (EV) residential charging station installation milestone. Baker Electric Inc. (BEI) installed its first Blink® Level 2 (240 volt - AC input) residential charging station in December 2010, and it has completed 417 residential installations to date. In addition BEI has installed 143 publicly available, commercial Blink Level 2 chargers.

Baker Electric Inc. is a Nissan Leaf / ECOtality certified Blink Network installer. BEI was recently recognized as a Best Performing Contractor in a Nissan Market Intelligence Report that surveyed customer service for Southern California EV residential charger installations.

The EV residential smart-chargers are designed to be efficient, safe and affordable. The all-weather proof wall mount charger is a solution for individuals living in both single and multi-family residences. Because the wall mount charger is a 2-piece design, BEI works with customers to customize the product's configuration to best fit their space for easy day-to-day use. Nissan/Leaf owners have access to a variety of innovative and easy-to-use mobile phone apps to help them schedule charges during off-peak utility hours, check charges remotely, keep track of energy used and money saved.

In collaboration with its solar arm, Baker Electric Solar (BES), Baker Electric Inc. is also able to provide Nissan Leaf homeowners with a photovoltaic (PV) system for home use electricity savings. Carlsbad homeowners, Michael and Rita Sabo, had Baker install both their electric vehicle charger, as well as a 1.4 kW rooftop solar system. Michael Sabo said, "I like the feeling of being independent. I'm actually generating the fuel' to power my car from my own rooftop solar system. How cool is that! California has a very clean grid, but a rooftop solar system produces no pollution. You can't get any cleaner than that. The Baker Electric Solar installers are uber professionals. They made the extra effort and did a very clean professional installation."

"With our EV charging station installations, Baker Electric Inc. is continuing to diversify into green technologies to meet the energy needs of Southern California," said BEI President Ted Baker. "The EV Project recognizes our State's commitment to support consumers with cleaner vehicles. And, it's especially encouraging to see San Diego homeowners understand the value in going green' for both their home and their car."

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Founded in 1938, Baker Electric, Inc. provides comprehensive pre-construction services and the planning, coordination, design | build, in-house electrical engineering and project management of any size project from initial design to follow-up maintenance. BEI serves as both a prime and subcontractor. For more information, visit

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Escondido-based NB Baker Electric, Inc., dba Baker Electric Solar, designs, builds and installs photovoltaic solar power systems for new and existing homes and commercial facilities across Southern California. Baker Electric Solar is San Diego's first SunPower Elite Dealer. For more information, visit

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