ReliOn E-1000x and E-2200x Fuel Cell Products Slated for High Duty Cycle, Grid-Support Applications

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Spokane, Wash.: ReliOn, the leading provider of high reliability fuel cell solutions for backup power and grid-support applications, today announced its new E-1000x and E-2200x fuel cell products. The two products, rated at 1,000 watts and 2,200 watts per chassis, are part of a plan to address the need for high duty cycle grid-support in a number of situations where alternative power products are used to support a less reliable electrical grid or no grid at all. The E-1000x and E-2200x feature PEM technology that has been optimized around these applications and the products carry an industry-leading warranty.

Like all of ReliOn's fuel cell products, the E-1000x and E-2200x fuel cell systems are clean energy solutions; emissions are limited to warm air and a small amount of water. The E-1000x and E-2200x systems are exempt from the most stringent air quality standards, such as those set by the California Air Resources Board, because they produce no harmful emissions. ReliOn has begun shipping pre-commercial products to customers in areas of the world where the grid routinely drops coverage for several hours a day. Commercial product shipments will begin in late third quarter with orders now being accepted.
Mark Cohen, ReliOn's Vice President of Product Line Management commented, "The E-1000x and E-2200x fuel cell systems have been optimized to meet a need from our customers for grid-support power in a variety of locations around the world. The E-1000x and E-2200x chassis can be deployed as single or multiple systems. The E-1000x platform is targeted for power requirements from 500W to 4kW, while the E-2200x platform targets higher power requirements up to 8.8kW. Both products continue to provide the high reliability and ease of use our customers have come to expect from ReliOn."
The E-1000x and E-2200x fuel cell systems join ReliOn's E-series product line – the E-200, E-1100, E-1100v and E-2500 – which provides backup power solutions between 50W and 20kW. ReliOn customers include global leaders in wireless, wired and public safety network communications, railway services and utilities, as well as branches and agencies of Federal and State governments.

About ReliOn:
ReliOn's continuous innovation in core technology has made it a leader in the development and marketing of modular, fault-tolerant fuel cell products for customers seeking solutions to critical backup power applications. With more than 1,425 sites serving customer equipment in 42 U.S. states and 34 countries, ReliOn customers enjoy the benefits of high reliability, low operating costs and easy maintenance. ReliOn products are tested or certified to stringent standards from CSA, UL, CE, Telcordia NEBS and China TTL Labs. ReliOn fuel cells…simply powerful.

ReliOn's Investors:
PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund
Oak Investment Partners
Enterprise Partners Venture Capital
Wall Street Technology Partners LP
Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital LP
Montlake Capital
Avista Corp.

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