Effectively Designing PV Plants with Valentin Software's Planning Program PV*SOL basic 6.0

Valentin Software has launched PV*SOL basic 6.0, a practical tool with an attractive modern interface able to intelligently dimension inverters for PV system planning in residential areas.

PV*SOL® basic 6.0 enables both beginners and professional planners to rapidly design, simulate and clearly present photovoltaic systems. Valentin Software has adapted the menus and features to the current needs and requirements of the photovoltaic industry.

Using the new "regional settings" feature, operators can define country-specific settings for the tariff model, the unbalanced load and the maximum system voltage, for example, for the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Germany. Editable load profiles are available for users to forecast net metering. PV*SOL® basic 6.0 can calculate the number of modules either photo-realistically, with a digital photo of the house, or graphically, with freely-configurable roof forms. For elevated systems, every possible orientation can be calculated.

New Connection Features

With new features for inverter dimensioning, PV*SOL® basic 6.0 is the optimal program to identify a multitude of possible connection configurations. It can automatically configure the inverter connections with arranged results, as well as individually adjust the sizing factor. And inverters with special variable connection options for input B (due to a second MPP tracker) can also be dimensioned and simulated comfortably with PV*SOL® basic 6.0. Also new is the option of entering the cable lengths and cross sections for the string, DC and AC cables. PV*SOL® basic's new database format means that useful functions such as favourites management, searching in tabulated texts as well as the sorting and filtering of components are now available. The comprehensive project report for the customer includes not only a summary report of the simulation results and financial analysis, but also a customer-oriented cover, clear presentation of the system design and detailed results graphics.

Comprehensive Module, Inverter and Climate Data

As with all of the PV*SOL® programs, PV*SOL® basic 6.0 contains an extensive module and inverter database with over 11,000 modules and 2,300 inverters, which is continually updated and expanded by the automatic update function. The component data is updated online by the module and inverter manufacturers. Valentin Software then checks the data and makes it regularly available to PV*SOL® users.

The latest climate data from the German Weather Service (DWD) is delivered with PV*SOL®. For Germany alone, around 450 locations are available and every district is included. Overall, the climate database of the MeteoSyn tool, which is included in PV*SOL®, contains more than 8,000 locations worldwide. PV*SOL®, the user handbook, and the context-sensitive help facility are available in five languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Valentin Software's regular free introductory webinars for the design and simulation of a photovoltaic system make it even easier to get started planning and simulating photovoltaic plants.

About Valentin Software

Valentin Software looks back at more than 20 years of company history. Thanks to its brands PV*SOL®, T*SOL®, and GeoT*SOL® for dynamic simulation, dimensioning, yield and profitability forecasts of photovoltaic, solar thermal and heat pump plants, the Berlin-based software company has developed into one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative planning software for sustainable energy provision.

Among its customers count engineers, planners, architects, installers and craftsmen as well as manufacturers from the sectors of electrical, heating and building services engineering.

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