Upsolar Extends Sustainability Efforts with New Module Cleaning Solution

Company partners with ÷kologische Solarreinigung in using Deisolyse

WURZBURG, Germany--Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, today announced the company's partnership with ÷kologische Solarreinigung to offer an ecological and environmentally harmless cleaning solution for its products. The collaboration marks another step in Upsolar's industry-leading commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Developed by the Lichmatrix Laboratory in Munich, ÷kologische Solarreinigung has implemented a new process in module cleaning called Deisolyse, which both effectively removes various types of carbon deposits that can form on modules after manufacturing and acts as a preventative measure to keep dirt from settling on installed modules.

Whereas other solutions require demineralized or distilled water, the Deisolyse process allows for the use of regular tap water without creating any additional waste, and respecting the environment from production through end-use. By using water that does not contain any information, Deisolyse enhances the water's properties to enable a reduction in corrosion and biogenic growth while improving light transmission for module glass. The result is enhanced module efficiency and runtime operation to increase the value of the PV plants - a novel solution that represents a paradigm shift in the area of module cleaning.

"We have seen exceptional results from the Deisolyse process. Just a few drops of this solution drastically changes the behavior of ordinary tap water, demonstrating outstanding purifying abilities," said Erwin Scheckenback, Country Manager of Upsolar Germany. "Partnering with ÷kologische Solarreinigung enabled us to further optimize the service we provide to our customers, merging environmental stewardship with proper module maintenance and creating a truly ecological solution for the PV industry."

Going forward, Upsolar will explore the use of ÷kologische Solarreinigung's Deisolyse process to overcome a variety of challenges facing the solar cleaning sector.

"We took care to ensure ÷kologische Solarreinigung's products and production processes are in line with our high standards of environmental sustainability," said Zhe Jiang, CEO of Upsolar. "The adoption of the Deisolyse process serves as an additional proof point that it is possible to produce quality PV components while maintaining high standards to reduce our environmental impact."

About Upsolar

Upsolar is a leading international solar module developer and producer, offering the solar industry's best quality / price ratio in the global PV market. With vertically integrated, diversified manufacturing platforms, as well as an R&D-supported quality control management system, Upsolar produces high quality, reliable solar modules backed by a world-class warranty, at competitive prices. Headquartered in Shanghai, Upsolar has offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America to support an international customer-base, providing on-site technical support, customer service and product development teams. For more information, visit

About ÷kologische Solarreinigung

÷kologische Solarreinigung is a medium-sized craft shop and pioneer in the solar cleaning industry. OS is specialized in cleaning and maintaining small rooftop systems, as well as large-scale PV sites. With its unique cleaning solution, Solarbutzwasser Deisolator (deisolytical product), OS operates in accordance with guide "policies in Solar Cleaning," not using de-ionized water or rotating brushes. For more information, visit

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