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Solar Systems USA remains committed to providing customers with relevant and useful solutions when it comes to transitioning to renewable energy. You can now get a free solar system kit designed for free from

Solar Systems USA remains committed to providing customers with relevant and useful solutions when it comes to transitioning to renewable energy. It is with this in mind that customers can now get a free solar systems quote for the equipment they would need to install to satisfy their home or business energy needs. Any visitor to the SSUSA website can fill the application and have their costs estimated for them.

To fit in with the requirements of customers, they can apply for quotes for both grid tied and off grid solar systems. Separate application forms are provided on the website and all one has to do is fill in their details and a specialist system engineer at Solar Systems USA will consider the requirements and send an email response to the customer.

While the customer has the choice of sourcing for the equipment quoted from a store of their choice, the Solar Systems USA website has a set of complete solar kits to fit any project needs: commercial or residential. Moreover, these are all available at greatly discounted prices and with the option for financing where applicable.

Mr. Nathan Thompson, the CEO of Solar Systems USA, had this to say about this free offer: "Many customers are held back from implementing a solar system at home from the belief that such a system would be too costly to acquire. By having an expert specification about the cost and amount of equipment necessary, they can then make informed estimates and not base their decisions on incorrect perceptions."

"The goal of our organization is to provide customers with as much choice and information as possible in order for them to bring their green resolutions to reality", added Mr. Thompson. "As such, they can make informed choices and not be held back by perceptions based on conjecture and misinformation. By making the service free, we are expressing our commitment to a relationship based on mutual trust with our customers"

Solar Systems USA solar kits are assembled to fit in with different budgets as well as power generation requirements. In fact, the systems provide such a level of customization that even solar farmers with considerable requirements can still place an order and their requirements will be met to specifications.

A grid tied system quote will include the solar panels required, solar inverter (with the option to upgrade to Enphase Microinverters). The customer can also choose whether to have a battery backup system quote included. The kits are also available with optional mounting for both roof and ground mounted systems.

For off grid solar kits, the customer needs to provide their current consumption in terms of monthly Kilowatt Hours in order to provide a reasonable of estimate of the solar panels needed. The customer can also indicate a preferred brand of solar panels. As with the grid tied systems, the option for solar mounting is optional.

About Solar Systems USA
Solar Systems USA .Net is America's Online Solar Store. Driven by a team of professional solar experts, no other online solar store has a better selection of well priced solar panels and custom designed solar energy systems. Solar Systems USA is currently offering free solar panel kit designs for solar energy systems of all sizes.

The online solar store's diversity of products mean that irrespective of whether a customer is looking for a couple of solar panels, solar panels in pallet or container quantities, a string inverter, a charge controller or an axis ground mounted sun tracker with a battery back-up system; Solar Systems USA can provide all these and many more at wholesale prices or even lower. For more information visit

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S-5!® PVKIT™ 2.0 Solar Rooftop Solutions

S-5!® PVKIT™ 2.0 Solar Rooftop Solutions

The concept of combining PV arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing-for good reasons. Metal roofs have a life expectancy of more than 40 years. Shouldn't the mounting system last as long? With S-5! zero-penetration attachment technology and PVKIT 2.0, the solarized metal roof is the most sustainable system available -and without compromising roof warranties! PVKIT 2.0 is the also the best solution for attaching PV modules directly to any exposed fastener metal roof.