Successful Clenergy appearance at the Solar Power UK 2012

At the Solar Power UK 2012 exhibition in Birmingham (2nd – 4th October) the PV mounting system manufacturer Clenergy has not only exhibited but also released innovations such as the PV-ezRack Trapezoidal mounting system and the online PV Design tool PV-ezDesign. The show has also been a strong and lasting confirmation of Clenergy's successful entry in the UK PV market since 2011.

Spotlight of the Clenergy Solar Power UK appearance was the market launch of the innovative new online PV Design tool PV-ezDesign. This program is one of the most complex and progressive PV design software solutions around for the intuitive planning of PV systems on pitched and flat roofs as well as for mounting on open land. The main highlight of the PV-ezDesign program is its ability to depict roofs, buildings and the surrounding area in either 2D or 3D. The integration of Google Maps enables it to provide a fully authentic and comprehensive overview of locations including all environmental parameters, material quantities, costs and profitability calculation.

At the same time the new PV-ezRack Trapeziodal for all trapezoidal sheet roofs was one of the most attractive new mounting systems presented at the exhibition. This high quality system is suitable for fixing framed modules onto all common trapezoidal sheet roofs with thicknesses of 0.4mm and above and at angles of 10 and above.

Beside these highlights visitors of the Clenergy booth were also interested in the commercial flat roof-top solutions PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro and PV-ezRack Tripod. The first system, made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium, is designed to fit flat roofs with slopes ranging from 0 to 5° and to install the modules at an angle from 10 to 25. The second one "Tripod" is a triangular stand system for flat roofs at angles of up to 5°. The solar modules can be mounted vertically or horizontally, meaning that the system is also suitable for narrow roof surfaces. The system can be fixed with hanger bolts in the case of more pitched roofs.

"The Solar Power UK 2012 has proofed impressively that our great efforts to establish Clenergy as a premium brand in the UK PV market in the last 18 months had been very efficient and successful. Customers do not only accept our high quality solutions but also our company as a serious and progressive partner in the PV business. From that point of view we were absolutely satisfied with the performance at the exhibition and with the feedback on our new solutions", concludes Charlie Greenaway, Clenergy Product Manager UK.

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Quickbase: The first application platform built for dynamic work

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