A real-world example of a family integrating their solar home and electric vehicles for true energy independence

San Diego, CA, – November 20, 2012 – San Diego County Planning Commissioner Peder Norby and his family are as close to living an energy independent lifestyle as possible while living within a typical coastal suburban environment. The story of constructing his award-winning home and being selected as a test driver for electrical vehicles from BMW and Honda powered by solar energy has many story angles. His story highlights the problem many families face with fuel and energy prices increasingly spiraling out of control and offers many proven solutions.

"We constructed our home in 2006 with conservation in mind; we included a 4.5kW solar system from Stellar Solar." He continued: "In 2009 we began driving electric vehicles; and decided to add an additional 3kW PV system as our own personal Sun Gas Station." Norby noted that the pay-off for solar PV systems is typically 4-7 years and when replacing gasoline has a three year payoff. He added, "In the spirit of the great American tradition of innovation and science, we decided to partner with pioneering companies and embrace these emerging technologies."

The Norbys cumulative change to EV & PV has erased what used to be a bill of $10,000 a year for utilities and gasoline for both cars, to an annual bill of less than $500 for all of the above. This cost is essentially fixed for the rest of their lives. Norby added, "We like that our decision to generate zero emission renewable energy and drive zero emission cars is a measure towards a cleaner California and the sun never raises its price. Air quality and health care cost are directly related."

Michael Powers, VP of Sales and Marketing at Stellar Solar, added; "Solar energy is increasingly seen as an economic decision as well as an environmental one for homeowners, businesses and government. The Norbys combine the two in the best possible manner. They truly walk-the-talk when it comes to this lifestyle." He added; "Their efforts and real-world examples have helped Stellar Solar to spread the word in a manner that makes sense to homeowners. Combined with lower-cost solar and new zero-down lease options, solar power is now within reach of every homeowner who wants to cut their electric bill significantly."

Peder & Julie Norby reside in Carlsbad, CA. Julie is an Elementary School Principal in the Solana Beach School District, and Peder is a San Diego County Planning Commissioner. Their home, Herons' House, obtained the 2008 Sandee Award for outstanding achievements in energy by the California Center for Sustainable Energy. Both Peder and Julie Norby can be made available for direct interview request.

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