In Beijing from December 11–13, 2012, industry experts discuss trends and technologies from across the global solar industry, focusing chiefly on the development of the Chinese solar sector

Freiburg/Pforzheim, Germany, and Beijing, China, November 21, 2012 – The Intersolar China Conference is taking place for the second time in the Intercontinental Hotel Beichen in Beijing from December 11–13, 2012. 500 national and international attendees as well as 60 speakers from around the world are expected to participate in the international industry event. Here, discussions cover current conditions and developments in international markets, with a particular focus on the Chinese market, as well the latest technologies and trends in the areas of photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies. The key topics of this year's conference are Large-Scale Photovoltaic Installations, Energy Storage, Solar Cities and Sustainable PV Production and Recycling. The sessions on solar thermal technologies focus on areas such as Large-Scale Solar Thermal Application and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP/CPV). The Intersolar China Conference is being supported for the first time by its new partner, the China Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA).

The second Intersolar China Conference is taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel Beichen in Beijing from December 11–13, 2012. At the event international experts from research, industry and associations discuss the most important topics and trends from the global solar industry. Over 16 sessions and panel discussions covering photovoltaics, PV production technologies and solar thermal technologies address the latest industry trends. Networking events provide numerous opportunities to meet international industry players, share experiences and strengthen existing contacts.

Distinguished opening speakers

The organizers are delighted at the renowned experts from China and around the world taking part in the opening panel discussion: The keynote speakers are Bohua Wang, General Secretary of the China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance (CPIA) and Junfeng Li, President of the China Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA) and Director General of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC). The opening speakers also include Dr. Reinhold Buttgereit, Secretary General of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), Belgium, and Sunil Gupta, Global Head of Technology & CleanTech at Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore.

The Chinese solar market is experiencing growth

While the international solar markets continue to find themselves in a period of consolidation, China is emerging as a new growth market in the areas of photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies alike. According to figures from the Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA), a total capacity of 21 gigawatts (GW) is expected to be installed in China alone by 2015. This figure comprises 20 GW of photovoltaic capacity and 1 GW of solar thermal power plants. In light of this, presentations held during the conference session "Global PV Markets: China Perspectives", which takes place on the first day of the conference, focus on the political conditions, strategies and programs that are vital for China to achieve its expansion targets.

Growth markets, power grids and technologies of the future

Many key markets worldwide are currently faced with the question of how politics and the economy will shape the energy revolution in the future. The first day of the conference therefore also focuses on the various political, financial and legal conditions and requirements in different markets, with a session on European markets opening the presentations. The second conference day includes a session with presentations on the markets in North and South America, Japan and the MENA region.

Large-scale photovoltaic plants and electricity storage

The construction of large-scale PV plants will assume a central role in ensuring that the expansion targets set out in China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011 to 2015) are achieved. According to the current edition of China Deal Tracker published by Solarbuzz, USA, ground-mounted PV installations are set to gain the largest market share in China's solar sector in 2012, accounting for 58% of the industry. The PV Power Plants double session, which takes place on the third conference day, examines the current challenges of developing, implementing and maintaining large-scale PV power plants, as well as those faced when carrying out quality assurance. In parallel to this, a variety of contributions shed light on the latest developments in the area of Storage Technologies, the focus being on a variety of technical areas of application and the topic of grid integration.

Joint Forces for Solar – solar cities and decentralized power generation

51% of the Chinese population lived in towns or cities in 2011 and this proportion is expected to rise to a total of 60% by 2020. China's increasing urbanization goes hand in hand with rising energy consumption. The double session held by the initiative Joint Forces for Solar on the second conference day looks at concepts for decentralized power generation and examines the solar cities – model cities that generate a large part of their energy needs from solar energy– that are already in existence. In the subsequent panel discussion, representatives from research and industry discuss the future of solar cities. Joint Forces for Solar unites key players along the entire value-added chain, from international corporations to local installers.

Other sessions held on the topic of photovoltaics over the three-day conference deal with sustainable PV production and recycling, the manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells as well as various testing methods and certification guidelines.

The final day of the conference concentrates on the market situation of solar thermal technologies in their target markets and the area's latest technological developments. The sessions Large Scale Solar Thermal Application and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP/CPV) provide insights into the development of the Chinese solar thermal market and the role solar thermal technologies will play in the PV market of the future.

CREIA welcomed as a new collaborative partner

Intersolar China is now also being supported by the China Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA), with whom a partnership agreement was concluded at the start of October 2012. CREIA's support is intended to strengthen the exchange between industry and politics at Intersolar China in the future.

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