Massachusetts Solar Power Equipment Supplier, altE Store, assists in Hurricane Relief Efforts

altE has donated a 3300 watt off-grid solar power system with a retail value of $15,000-to Family Medical Clinic de Cedros in Puerto Rico, which is situated near Iglesia Emmanuel Casa de Refuge and is currently without electricity and clean water due to the recent hurricanes.

BOXBOROUGH, MA... altE, a leading supplier of solar panels and solar power equipment in the Northeast, is powering ahead to provide alternative energy assistance in Puerto Rico and other areas hit hardest by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Jose.

altE is donating an off grid solar power system - 3300 watt solar panel array, hybrid solar inverter and batteries with a retail value of $15K - to Family Medical Clinic de Cedros in Puerto Rico, which is situated near Iglesia Emmanuel Casa de Refuge and is currently without electricity and clean water.

The system will power the most critical functions of this medical clinic, which is located near San Juan. altE is working with an installer, the nonprofit SonLight Power of Fairfield, Ohio.

Discounted Solar Power Equipment in Hurricane-Affected Areas
altE is also providing discounted solar power equipment to residents in great need in hurricane torn areas of Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and the Caribbean Islands throughout October. altE offers a 15 percent discount to anyone has been affected by the storms.

"Solar and alternative energy allows people to become quickly self-sufficient with a robust power source," said Sascha Deri, CEO of altE. "We are providing solar power equipment at close to cost to help people immediately in areas devastated by the hurricanes. Folks can install the systems to get back up and running off grid, independently and self-contained. It also empowers communities with the opportunity to create small, more resilient micro-grids in the future that won't have the same vulnerabilities as traditional, large, centralized utility grids."

altE has also been working with other organizations, offering free design and expertise with heavily discounted equipment. altE has contacted many of the major solar equipment manufacturers and is currently working on obtaining discounted equipment from them to help with relief efforts.

These storms aren't the first time that altE has stepped in to offer assistance with off grid alternative energy. Last year, altE assisted International Rescue Group as they were delivering emergency supplies to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew by building portable solar generators, which were delivered to the local mayor's office to improve their communication.

For more information, visit their website, or call toll free (877) 878-4060.

About altE
Founded in 1999, altE, Inc. has catered to customers on every continent of the globe. A 2006 Inc. 500 awarded company, altE aims to continue to fulfill its motto, "Making Renewable Do-able," by offering cost competitive, high-quality renewable energy related products and educational services to a broad spectrum of the public.

altE sells all of the equipment needed to install a solar system - solar panels, racking, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and other balance of system equipment like breaker boxes and PV wire. The company will custom design a system specifically for the customer and also offers systems that they have pre-designed.

altE's headquarters is located at 330 Codman Hill Rd, Boxborough, Mass. The company also has a sales office in Colorado catering to a fast-growing customer base in the Western and Southwestern regions of the U.S. For more information visit their website at or contact Toll Free (877) 878-4060.

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