Sacramento International Jet Center installs Solar Energy System on Hanger and Office Facilities

Local Solar Integrator CitiGreen completes 130kW roof-top installation project

Sacramento, CA, 11 March 2013 – The Sacramento International Jet Center, the Sacramento County's airport system partner for general aviation at the Sacramento International Airport, has installed a 130 kilowatt solar electric system on their state of the art hangar and office facilities. The system was installed by CitiGreen, Inc. & Foothill Electric, turn-key solar contractors for commercial customers.

With solar, the Jet Center generates electricity from the sun and whenever the system generates more than they are using, they sell power back to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, (SMUD) at retail rates. Their system is comprised of 562 Conergy PM 235 watt solar modules affixed to the Jet Center rooftop using more than 5,600 feet of Conergy SunTop mounting systems. The entire system is connected to the grid using two Solectria 60 kilowatt inverters. This system will essentially eliminate their $31,000 annual electric bill.

Other benefits include federal tax incentives that allow them to write off 70% of their system installation costs and they will receive a SMUD rebate for 20% more cost reduction.

Not only will the Jet Center realize financial benefits, they will also enjoy knowing they are making an environmental difference. Over the 30 year life of this system, this system will produce approximately 6,402,000 kilowatt hours which will offset 4,650 tons of carbon dioxide. This equates to turning off 59,000 incandescent light bulbs and planting 138,000 trees.

The installation supports the efforts of the Sacramento Jet Center to implement clean energy improvements and other climate protection efforts in their community. "Sacramento Jet Center is committed to the natural environment and sustainability," said Scott Powell, CEO of Sacramento Jet Center. "Installing solar panels on our facility achieves these goals with clean energy and support of our economy while saving money."

"What Sacramento Jet Center has committed to do is nothing short of remarkable. They're investing in renewable energy infrastructure and eliminating tons of greenhouse gas from our atmosphere" said California Air Resources Board Member and Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna. "This kind of innovation that not only benefits the environment but also the bottom line is a model for others to emulate" Serna added.

About the Sacramento International Jet Center
Located at the Sacramento International Airport , The Sacramento Jet Center heritage and continuing mission is to provide the safe, efficient and accurate delivery of flight support services.

What was formerly Patterson Aircraft Company, Sacramento Municipal Airport's Fixed Based Operator since 1959, became the Sacramento Jet Center (SACjet) in 2001. In that year, Scott L. Powell and a team of investors acquired Patterson and gave the company a new direction and a new name.

SACjet has invested heavily in services for both transient and based tenants, adding nine acres of new tarmac, more than 60,000 sq. ft. of hangar space, new crew and passenger lounges, new state-of-the-art flight support equipment, ground power units, aircraft lavatory services, planeside transportation and more.

Learn more at (916) 428-8292.

About CitiGreen, Inc.
CitiGreen, Inc. is a turnkey commercial solar contractor that is set up to provide all the products and services necessary to bring a solar project from inspiration to operation. We work with professionals in the solar industry providing background support as well as directly with Host Customers.

CitiGreen, Inc. provides services that begin during the sales process providing design and engineering, then proceeding through providing solar products and construction services, then monitoring and financing, both for straight purchase and PPA.

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About Conergy
Conergy is a German-based solar company with subsidiaries all over the world. The company delivers solar energy systems and services from a single source. As a system supplier, Conergy offers all components for a solar installation as well as all related services. Listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, Conergy employs around 1,300 people worldwide. Since Conergy's founding in 1998, it has produced and sold 2 GW of clean solar energy. Thus, Conergy solar installations have generated more power than a nuclear reactor. Conergy is active in over 40 markets and locally staffed in 15 countries. Our globally-local sales network brings solar products directly to the customer. Conergy's systems, components and services are found in solar installations on five continents. The extensive Conergy sales network and portfolio of premium quality products support installers, integrators, solar specialists and wholesalers who help commercial businesses, homeowners and private investors in their efforts to "go solar".

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