Mersen to Display Power Electronics Solutions Capabilities at the 2013 APEC Conference and Exhibition

Mersen's power electronic bundling solution helps maximize system performance, lower total costs, and reduce time to market.

NEWBURYPORT, MA, (March 12, 2013) – Mersen will display its integrated power electronics protection solutions that include laminated bus bar, heatsinks, and fast-acting semiconductor fuses during the APEC exhibition; located at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California from March 16-21, 2013.

Mersen's power electronic bundling solution helps maximize system performance, lower total costs, and reduce time to market. Mersen's bundling solution comprises:

Fast-acting fuses and other electrical protection devices (switches and fail-safe surge protection devices) protect against catastrophic failure
Laminated bus bar plays a key role in power converters, and laminated and insulated bus bar provides connection between various components, limits parasitic inductance and eases assembly and integration, leading to an improvement of the overall power converter reliability, performance, and efficiency while minimizing assembly costs
Cooling Systems provide thermal protection for semiconductor components while enabling heat to dissipate

In addition, Mersen Power Electronics experts Jean-Franois de Palma, PhD., VP, Research and Development/Power Electronic Specification and Ahmed Zaghlol, PhD., P.Eng., VP, Engineering and Business Development, will both be presenting at APEC this year.

Jean-Franois de Palma will be presenting "High Voltage, High Power Electronics Protection by Fuses" during Industry Sessions IS1.2.2 (Room# 103A – LBCC [Long Beach Convention Center] – 8:30-10:15 am). The presentation includes a fuseology overview, leading technology trends toward DC applications, and the role fuses provide for superior high voltage, high power electronics protection solutions.

Ahmed Zaghlol is presenting "Advances in Heatsink Technology" during Exhibitor Seminars Session 6 (Room# 103B – LBCC – 11:15-11:45 am). This presentation will focus on the wide variety of thermal protection products available from Mersen and specific applications related to Power Electronics such as UPS, variable speed medium voltage drives, converters and inverters, and welding.

Visit Mersen at booth # 225 to speak with a Mersen representative and to learn more about Mersen's Power Electronics Solutions. Visitors to the booth can also explore Mersen's R-Tools thermal management and Select-A-Fuse tools, or test their knowledge of electrical protection with an interactive Protection Intelligent Quotient (PIQ) Quiz.

About Mersen
Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, is worldwide expert in high-performance materials for extreme environments and in the reliability and safety of electrical installations. Drawing on a century of experienceand an ongoing commitment to critical research in electrical safety it provides industrial, commercial, and OEM customers with innovative products and unsurpassed technical support. The electrical and circuit protection division provides a comprehensive line of current-limiting HHUUfusesUUHH (low voltage, general purpose, medium voltage, semiconductor, miniature and glass, and special purpose) and accessories, fuse blocks and holders, HHUUpower distribution blocksUUHH, low voltage disconnect switches, HHUUsurge protectionUUHH, HHUUhigh power switchesUUHH, HHUUlaminated bus barUUHH, HHUUheatsinksUUHH, HHUUthermal managementUUHH, and more. Amp-Trap® High-Speed Class J (HSJ) fuses, TPMOV® Technology, and the SmartSpot® open-fuse indicator are a few of the company's latest innovations. For more information, call (978) 462-6662 or visit HHUUhttp://ep-us.mersen.comUUHH.

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