Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report 2013-2018

- Smart Grids to Drive Demand

DUBLIN, June 25, 2013 --

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/pc4v4x/utilityscale) has announced the addition of the "Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Europe, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2009 through 2018.

Over the past decade, there has been significant focus on minimizing carbon emissions. This has led to higher emphasis on identifying environmentally friendly energy sources like nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biofuels, and tide/ocean energy.

Also, unlike earlier when oil and gas reserves were considered to be infinite, the new realization of the finite limits of petroleum and hydrocarbon supplies is throwing the focus on renewable energy. Currently, technological advancements, rise in oil prices, and favorable policies on carbon emission implemented by leading energy-consuming nations, represent factors that are sharpening the focus on renewable energy.

The Achilles heel of renewable energy to date has been storage. Renewable energy through adequate storage can facilitate utilities in integrating this energy into power grids as supplement energy to meet peak demand.

Contribution of energy generated from renewable sources still remains low, largely because of the wide gaps in technology know-how to harness and tap into wind and solar energy even on cloudy and windless days. Renewable energy is variable and the key towards expanding the role of renewable electricity generation is to store the generated energy. The stability and reliability of an electricity grid, dependent largely on variable renewable resources, hinges on the effectiveness of energy storage.

The envisioned future of "smart grid" requires efficient and in-expensive energy storage. For base load renewable energy plants capable of continuously providing large constant electricity to become a reality, storage remains critical. Currently, all primary base load power plants are either coal fired or nuclear. Developments in renewable energy storage flaunt the potential to tilt the energy balance in favor of alternate energy resources, which to date has been hampered by reliability issues triggered by their intermittent and variable output characteristics.

The report profiles 63 companies including many key and niche players such as A123 Systems, LLC., Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc., American Superconductor Corporation, Axion Power International, Inc., Ballard Power Systems, Inc., Beacon Power, LLC, Encell Technology, Inc., General Compression, Inc., Maxwell Technologies, Inc., NGK Insulators, Ltd., Prudent Energy Corporation, Saft Groupe S.A., Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., and ZBB Energy Corporation. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions
II. Executive Summary
1. Market Overview & Trends
2. Product Overview
3. Product Launches/Introductions
4. Recent Industry Activity
5. Focus on Select Global Players
6. Global Market Perspective
III. Market
1. The United States
2. Europe
3. Rest of World
IV. Competitive Landscape
Total Companies Profiled: 63 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 64)

The United States (42)
Canada (5)
Japan (3)
Europe (11)
- France (4)
- Germany (1)
- The United Kingdom (1)
- Italy (2)
- Rest of Europe (3)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (3)

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/pc4v4x/utilityscale

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