Krampitz Communications: Brief Report "How Biomass, Solar and Wind-power companies communicate"

The free, 12-page brief report provides an overview on the methods and important results of the company survey.

Cologne, 28 Oct. 2013. Only every fifth company in the renewable energy sector communicates professionally. Less than one of 100 communication messages is recognised and understood by its target group. Those are two of the most important results of the study "How Biomass, Solar and Wind-power Companies Communicate", which the Press Agency Krampitz Communications is publishing on 2 December. A brief report is available starting today in German and English free-of-charge.

"With our study we want to substantiate our experience from nearly ten years of work in press relations for the renewable energy sector scientifically – that convincing messages are often lacking and that communication occurs haphazardly and without a strategy", says agency manager Iris Krampitz.

Interviews with Companies and Journalists

This study is based on two separate surveys. In the first part, those responsible for communication in German-language companies from the renewable energy sector were asked about how their press relations were organised, their strengths, their unique selling points and communicative messages. In the second part Krampitz Communications examined, with the support of 33 professional journalists as mediators, if the messages of the companies arrived at their predefined target groups.

"Professional communication reaches its target groups. How professional the press relations of a company are depends on if it has sufficient personnel and financial resources, orients itself to a communication strategy and if it utilises the tools of press and public relations at its disposal", explains the manager of the study, Matthias Flierl. From these factors, the socio-economist and PR consultant has developed a benchmark in order to compare the professionalism of the press relations of different companies with each other.

The results of the study show that the professionalism of the press relations in most companies surveyed is so-so and capable of being improved. For example, 56.7 per cent of the companies are contacted less than once a month by a journalist, and only every third company has oriented itself to a PR strategy. And despite turnovers from up to several hundred million Euros, every second company invests less than 10,000 Euros annually in press relations.

Long Version in December

While the free, 12-page brief report provides an overview on the methods and important results of the company survey, the long version analyses all the results of the comprehensive study in detail and assesses the statements of 33 professional journalists on the most common mistakes companies make in their press relations, and on the needs for optimisation and information. In addition to extensive tables, graphs and scientific evaluations, the long version contains numerous examples from the field, comprehensive recommendations for action and helpful tips on how biomass, solar and wind-power companies can improve their image for the long term, enhance their reputation and utilise their marketing and PR budgets efficiently.

The approximately 100-page long version can be ordered for 1,250 Euros (net) directly from Krampitz Communications. For further information, see

On Krampitz Communications

Krampitz Communications was founded by the graduate chemist Iris Krampitz in 2004 and has since then concentrated on communications for renewable energy and technology topics. Operating internationally and oriented to technological issues, the agency is focused on providing the entire palette of company communications for companies, promoters and institutes. The range of services corresponds to that of a full-service agency, but it also works on individual projects. The intelligent press distribution list of Krampitz Communications encompasses more than 4,000 personal contacts to national and international journalists who report on renewable energy and technology topics. In addition to providing media-related work, the agency counts strategy development and consultation, event organisation and online-PR among its special strengths.

How one can focus communication strategically and formulate messages effectively can be found in the first PR handbook for the international renewable energy branch, which Krampitz Communications released last year. Reading samples and an order form can be found at the following link:

This press release as a PDF and image material can be found at the following link:

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