PNE WIND sees prospects for offshore wind energy on Germany's coastline

PNE WIND AG is currently working on twelve offshore wind farm projects

Cuxhaven, 5th December 2013 – The wind farm project developer, PNE WIND AG, sees further prospects for an expansion of offshore wind energy on Germany's coastline. In PNE WINDs opinion, the prolongation of the acceleration model for electricity generated by offshore wind farms as agreed in the coalition agreement concluded by the possible new governing coalition signals a will to continue the expansion of offshore electricity generation. Therefore, the current expansion plans should also be maintained for the energy revolution to succeed.

PNE WIND AG is currently working on twelve offshore wind farm projects – six of these are its own projects and six more are projects already sold for which PNE WIND AG is the service provider.

Subsequent to the Danish energy corporation, DONG Energy, having taken the final decision to invest in the construction of the "Gode Wind" 1 and 2 offshore projects, three offshore projects developed by PNE WIND AG are currently already under construction. DONG Energy had begun the construction of "Borkum Riffgrund I" in the summer of 2013.

PNE WIND AG has now received a further payment amounting to EUR 45 million euros from the sale of the "Gode Wind" 1 and 2 offshore wind farm projects. The prerequisite for this payment was the final decision to invest in the construction of the offshore wind farms taken by the Danish energy corporation, DONG Energy, as purchaser of the offshore projects.

Company profile
With its headquarters in Cuxhaven, PNE WIND AG plans and realises wind farm projects on land (onshore) and on the high seas (offshore). In doing so, its core competence lies in the development, project planning, and financing of wind farms and in their operation and sales respectively with the provision of subsequent service. To date, the PNE company group has already developed wind farms with a total nominal output amounting to almost 2,000 megawatts.
In addition to its business activities in the established German home market, PNE WIND AG is increasingly expanding into dynamic growth markets and is already represented in joint ventures and by subsidiary companies in 14 countries in Europe, Africa and North America. In these countries wind farm projects with a nominal output of about 5,000 MW are currently being developed and are to be completed in the medium term.

In addition, PNE WIND AG is developing offshore wind farm projects, of which four major projects in German waters have already been approved.

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