Renogy Will Supply 1.6 Megawatts of Solar Energy Products to Japan

Renogy signed a sales contract to supply 1.6MW Megawatts worth of polycrystalline solar panels to two factories in Japan, helping the factories become cleaner and more energy efficient.

Chino, CA January 29, 2014

Winter is slowly coming to an end and RNG Group Inc., "Renogy" is in high gear for their busy season to begin. Many US based solar energy companies like Renogy have their peak sales season(s) in spring, summer, and early fall (March-September) when weather conditions in the United States are favorable for outdoor building and home improvement projects. To kick off the start of this exciting new season, Renogy has entered into a 1.6MW sales contract with two factories in Japan. One factory is located in Shimizu, Shizuoka and the other is located in Yasu, Shiga. Both factories reportedly chose Renogy as their supplier because the company has widespread brand recognition in their country. Each factory plans to fulfill about half of their total power needs with solar energy from these panels. This is not Renogy's first big project in Japan; they have also acted as a supplier for several other large-scale projects in Ishioka, Saga, and Nishiki, Japan. Nearly all of Renogy's projects in Japan have been located in prefectures (Japanese states) that border the ocean; an unsurprising fact since Japan is an island nation. Weather conditions in these prefectures include high winds, light snowfall, saltwater splashing, and mostly moderate temperatures.

Renogy is scheduled to deliver panels for these factory projects beginning on February 3rd, with several other shipments taking place until the order is fulfilled on March 3rd. The factory projects will consist of Renogy 250W Watt and 300W Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panels, a popular industry choice for commercial grade projects. Each panel comes with a 25-year performance warranty and 10-year materials warranty. These larger panels (250-300W) are a great choice for working within a budget while still getting a high efficiency panel. Taking a step back to 2012, Renogy supplied these same panels for the 2.1MW power farm project in Saga, Japan, and also supplied 290W Polycrystalline Solar Panels for a 2.8MW project in the seaside town of Nishiki. Each Renogy Solar Panel comes with a sturdy aluminum frame, durable tempered glass, and a TPT backsheet that is ideal for withstanding high seaside winds and saltwater splashing.

"We are excited for another great opportunity in Japan. Renewable energy demand is surging across not only the US, but the entire world. Our mission is to make clean energy products such as solar panels and LED lighting accessible and affordable. We look forward to more factories choosing alternative energy products," said Renogy CEO, Dr. Li.

About Renogy and RNG Group Inc.

Renogy is a brand of RNG Group Inc., a company incorporated in California. Renogy is a global producer and supplier of superior quality solar panels, LED lighting solutions, and battery charging products. Being vertically integrated from solar ingot to solar modules, the company specializes in the development of turnkey photovoltaic or "PV" projects that deliver the most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Renogy LED began in 2011 as an innovative company involved in research and development, manufacturing, and the popularization of LED lighting. To learn more about this company and their products, please visit and

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