Geostellar Launches Solar Industry's First App for Independent Field Sales Agents at DOE SunShot Summit Hackathon with free Home Energy Monitoring

Partnership with Energy, Inc. Will Simplify Solar Sales Through Instant Analysis, Competitive Financing and Integrated Monitoring and Support

ANAHEIM, Calif.--Today at the U.S. Dept. of Energy SunShot Solar Energy Summit, solar energy marketplace Geostellar announced a partnership with Energy, Inc., manufacturer of TED, The Energy Detective, aimed at radically simplifying the process of deploying solar power. The deal leverages Geostellar's new Solar Mojo mobile and tablet application and TED's comprehensive in-home monitoring to support an on-the-ground sales force of independent solar agents and energy consultants.

The partnership makes possible a solar agent network – anyone can register as an independent agent at – where individuals and organizations can represent qualified solar equipment, installation and financing providers, receive generous commissions and build successful businesses. Homeowners will receive a free TED Pro Home system with an in-home display that will monitor energy usage for individual circuits and appliances, as well as energy production from solar panels, and send alerts and reports to support system maintenance, energy efficiency upgrades and ongoing performance improvement.

"By installing the TED Pro Home free of charge during an initial site assessment, our agents in the field, on the phone and online will have a comprehensive view of home energy consumption in order to make the right recommendation on solar installation and financing," said David Levine, CEO of Geostellar. "We will also ensure that the ongoing performance of the solar array surpasses the homeowners expectations for energy production and value."

Geostellar will demonstrate the power of its advanced solar simulations and TED's home energy monitoring at the 24-hour SunShot Hackathon May 21 in Anaheim, a first-of-its-kind event focusing on expanding the solar market in the United States. Geostellar will release the initial version of its Application Programming Interface, or API, developed through a SunShot Incubator Award that will create an authoritative performance record of a home solar array.

"We are pleased to offer our comprehensive real-time electricity monitor to homeowners who go solar through Geostellar," said Dolph Rodenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Energy, Inc. "TED users save between 5% and 30% on their electricity bills and reduce their impact on the environment."

The TED Pro Home will be installed by a solar professional during an initial site assessment. The results of the assessments and the readings of the monitor will provide a comprehensive energy savings plan in advance of a solar installation. Through independent solar agents, homeowners across the country can explore competitive new solar lease and loan options with monthly payments well below the cost of the electricity being displaced by solar energy, and without any upfront installation or equipment costs. Unlike one-size-fits-all offerings from vertically integrated solar companies, each solar energy system will be custom tailored for the individual home, based on the electricity usage patterns discovered by the TED Pro Home.

At the SunShot Hackathon on May 21, Geostellar will open up its solar energy marketplace API to teams of programmers, user experience (UX) designers and product managers to develop software programs for the Web and mobile devices. Web and mobile app developers will have access to data on local market pricing, solar potential of individual rooftops, installation, equipment and financing options, solar savings calculations and other information necessary to create transactions. Geostellar will offer economic incentives for third party applications, community partners, independent agents and others who set up their own digital storefronts and develop creative means of growing the solar industry.

About the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative

The SunShot Initiative's mission is to make solar energy fully cost competitive with traditional energy sources before the end of this decade, making this clean renewable energy resource more affordable and accessible to Americans. For more information on the SunShot Grand Challenge Summit 2014 and to register to attend, visit:

About Geostellar

Geostellar is America's first and largest online solar marketplace, helping homeowners secure the best deal on solar energy by comparing and tailoring a variety of installation and financing plans. Through advanced simulations on an intuitive social platform, Geostellar lowers the cost of solar, making it more competitive with conventional electricity. The result is more accessible, affordable and plentiful clean solar power for America. The company is the recipient of numerous awards, including selection as an IHS Energy Innovation Pioneer, the Global Cleantech100, the Global Cleantech Cluster Association's Best of Solar and the AlwaysOn GoingGreen Global 200. Visit

About TED:

More than 10 years ago, Dolph Rodenberg noticed that his wife often left the lights on when no one was home. Determined to show her how much electricity and money she was wasting, he headed to the store to find an in-home electricity monitor, but came home empty-handed. After many years of research a design was finally invented utilizing a little-known technology known as power line carrier. Energy, Inc. was ultimately incorporated in 2001. After filing for and receiving several patents, adding engineering and support staff, sourcing hundreds of electronic components, working with electronics and software engineers, arranging for manufacturing and shipping, and spending lots of money, Energy, Inc. created the first TED. Energy, Inc. is committed to providing long-term energy conservation and relief of environmental pressure through the continued development of energy-management products. Energy, Inc. is spearheading a concerted effort to reduce domestic energy waste by 15% through real-time energy management. Visit

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