FuelCell Energy Identifies New Haven, Connecticut as Second Location in the Previously Announced 5.6 Megawatt Sale to United Illuminating

Contract executed for 2.8 megawatt power plant in New Haven, Connecticut ---- Fuel Cell plant will supply ultra-clean baseload electricity to UI-owned substation

DANBURY, Conn., July 28, 2014 -- FuelCell Energy, Inc.

(Nasdaq:FCEL), a global leader in the design, manufacture, operation and
service of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants,
identified New Haven, Connecticut as the second installation site for the
previously announced 5.6 megawatt (MW) in projects purchased by The United
Illuminating Company (UI), a subsidiary of UIL Holdings Corporation
(NYSE:UIL). Information regarding the projects, which consist of two 2.8 MW
DFC3000(R) fuel cell power plants to be installed at different sites within
the UI service territory, was released on April 30th and identified
Bridgeport as one location with the other to be named at a later date. Now
confirmed, the second power plant in New Haven will supply electricity to a
nearby UI-owned substation; providing environmentally friendly distributed
power to residents.

"This project further supports our efforts in renewable, green energy and
helps achieve our goal of providing customers with clean safe and reliable
electricity," said James P. Torgerson, President & Chief Executive Officer,
UIL Holdings Corporation.

"We are fully invested in issues affecting the environment because it means
we are investing in the future of our City," said Toni Harp, Mayor of New
Haven. "Through the generation of ultra-clean power, produced in a highly
efficient and environmentally-friendly manner, the fuel cell installation
exemplifies the City's commitment to instituting sustainability practices
and improving the environmental integrity of New Haven."

The power plant in New Haven will be located in the port area of the city
near an electrical substation owned by UI and will provide continuous power
to the substation. Distributed power generation like this installation
increases the power supply while producing virtually no pollutants, have a
low-noise profile, and only modest space requirements.

"The New Haven installation will help meet the State of Connecticut's
renewable energy goals and exemplifies how our fuel cell technology can
support the utility market by providing an easy-to-site energy solution that
reduces reliance on transmission and enhances grid resiliency,"
said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy,
Inc. "Our power generation solutions are well-suited for utilities
interested in adding ultra-clean baseload power when and where needed within
their service territory."

The previously announced second installation will be located in Bridgeport
and will serve as part of a renewable energy park supplying power to the
electric grid. The energy park occupies approximately 9 acres of land with
the fuel cell power plant taking only about one quarter of an acre to
produce 2.8 MW of continuous power and a 2.2 MW solar array utilizing the
remaining land or somewhat over 8.5 acres.

The continuous power to be provided by both the New Haven and Bridgeport
fuel cell plants is adequate to power approximately 5,600 homes in
aggregate, and will be generated in a highly efficient and environmentally
friendly manner. FuelCell Energy will install the power plants and operate
and maintain them under long term service agreements. Both sites are
expected to be operational in early 2015.

Multi-megawatt fuel cell installations address power generation challenges
for utilities as the combination of near-zero pollutants, modest land-use
needs, and the quiet operating nature of fuel cell power plants facilitates
their siting in urban locations. Fuel cell parks offer a multitude of
advantages for utilities and neighboring communities, including:

-- Environmentally friendly power generation with virtually zero nitrogen
oxide (NOx) that causes smog, sulfur dioxide (SOx) that contributes to
acid rain, or particulate matter (PM10) that aggravates asthma, and the
power is delivered with a low carbon footprint
-- Distributed power generation places power near where it is used,
enhancing the resiliency of the grid
-- Highly efficient power generation process that is economical
-- Continuous renewable power around the clock that is not reliant on
weather or time of day

About UIL Holdings Corporation:

Headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, UIL Holdings Corporation
(NYSE:UIL) is a diversified energy delivery company serving more than
700,000 electric and natural gas utility customers in 66 communities across
two states, with combined total assets of over $4 billion.

UIL is the parent company of The United Illuminating Company (UI), The
Southern Connecticut Gas Company (SCG), Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation
(CNG), and The Berkshire Gas Company (Berkshire), each more than 100 years
old. UI provides for the transmission and delivery of electricity and other
energy related services for Connecticut's Greater New Haven and Bridgeport
areas. SCG and CNG are natural gas distribution companies that serve
customers in Connecticut, while Berkshire Gas serves natural gas customers
in western Massachusetts.
UIL employs more than 1,850 people in the New England region.

About FuelCell Energy

Direct FuelCell(R) power plants are generating ultra-clean, efficient and
reliable power at more than 50 locations worldwide. With more than
300 megawatts of power generation capacity installed or in backlog, FuelCell
Energy is a global leader in providing ultra-clean baseload distributed
generation to utilities, industrial operations, universities, municipal
water treatment facilities, government installations and other customers
around the world. The Company's power plants have generated more than 2.6
billion kilowatt hours of ultra-clean power using a variety of fuels
including renewable biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing, as
well as clean natural gas. For more information, please visit

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