Baltimore Golf Cart Retailer to Get Free Electricity from Newly Installed Solar Electric System

Aug. 11, 2014: Solar Energy World of Elkridge MD installs Solar Electric System for Red Hawk LLC, of Baltimore Maryland. The Solar System is expected to make a profit for Red Hawk within 4 years. For more info. contact Laureen Peck: 410-579-2009

Elkridge Maryland Based Solar Energy World, a locally owned and operated Solar System Design and Installation Company just completed installing a 199.64 kW, solar electricity system for Red Hawk LLC's facility in Rosedale Maryland. Red Hawk, founded in 2001, sells accessories, parts and reconditioned golf carts to retail dealers.

"We decided to go solar primarily because of the tax benefits. The pay back for us is 3.5 years and then we get free electricity for life. What a deal! So the financial decision was easy. In addition it is the right thing to do for the environment as well as providing some positive traction for our employees and our customers", stated Gillet Boyce, Red Hawk owner.
The 644 panel system is expected to produce 260,662kwh in the first year for Red Hawk which means based on their actual annual usage of 266,080kwh the solar system will offset approximately 98% of their consumption.
"We know that due to Maryland's increasing demand for solar energy, there has been an upsurge of out-of-state solar companies marketing to businesses and consumers in our market, so we are very happy that Red Hawk chose Solar Energy World to design and install their solar system rather than taking a chance on a solar retail chain. We feel it is important to help businesses in our own community get all the benefits solar power can deliver while providing them with the quality of service and responsiveness that only another locally owned company can give.", stated Geoff Mirkin, Vice President of Solar Energy World
Founded in 2009, Elkridge Maryland based Solar Energy World is the fastest-growing, local, independently owned solar system design and installation company and the only solar services company in the region that powers its own facility with a solar electric system designed and installed by its employees. Solar Energy World provides a complete turnkey solution for solar including solar electric and solar hot water systems for residential and commercial property owners in Washington DC and Maryland. Solar Energy World's parent companies; Gleeson Electric and Homefix Corporation also based in Maryland are rich in experience and are dedicated to developing energy solutions that promote sustainability. Solar Energy World's Maryland based commercial customers include Soccer Dome, Federal Stone Industries, Belisimos Ristorante, Boarman's Meat Market and many others. For more information on Solar Energy World's commercial operations, go to:
Red Hawk, LLC was founded in March 2001 by John Clough and Gillet Boyce. The company sells top quality accessories, parts and reconditioned golf carts directly to retail dealers and distributors only. John Clough brings over forty years of industry experience to the company. He founded the Mid Atlantic Corporation in 1968, previously one of the largest distributorships of new golf carts in the world. Gillet Boyce has applied his sales and operations management expertise in the industry for nearly twenty years. Red Hawk's mission is to provide retail dealers and distributors a large selection of top quality parts and golf carts at discounted prices while maintaining superior service and quick turnaround. For more information go to:

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