Recent 65MW supply agreement follows 270MW deal with Velocita in 2014

Paris, 27th April 2015 - Greensolver, the independent wind and solar asset manager, has recently launched a 65MW turbine negotiation process for the procurement of a total of 26 machines across 2 French wind energy projects. The deal is Greensolver's second such agreement in the past 12 months, following a 270MW turbine negotiation on behalf of Velocita in 2014.

For this latest agreement, Greensolver was selected by a major French energy producer to manage a complete procurement process for the negotiation of turbine supply and maintenance contracts, starting with specification design, tender process management and offer comparisons, before culminating in bankable contract negotiations.

With the wind industry looking to secure continued investment, ensuring that lenders and investors are able to validate crucial early decisions is key to safeguarding future interest from the fund community. Many developers are now turning to independent experts to manage increasingly complex turbine supply and long-term maintenance agreements.

In 2014, a deal with Velocita saw Greensolver provide its Procurement Advisory services not only for the first turbine tender contract with GE, but also for the 15-year operations and maintenance contract for the equipment.

The entire tender process covered all of Velocita's current French project pipeline and represented one of the biggest turbine deals in the French market. As such, having an independent third party assess the equipment and supporting agreement enabled the developer and investor partners to fully maximize their buying power in the sector.

"The challenge that developers and investors face is knowing which purchasing decision will provide the best and most consistent performance over the lifetime of the project" said Carla Vico, Technical Director, Greensolver.

"By working with an experienced, independent third party asset manager, developers and secondary investors can have the confidence that not only do the turbines chosen provide the best return on investment, but also that the following O&M agreements are of good value."

Andrew Lee, Managing Director, Velocita commented: "In working on one of the biggest turbine agreements seen in the French market, we wanted to be sure that we were choosing the best performing equipment available for our projects."

Eric Caradec, Director of Construction, Velocita commented: "Partnering with Greensolver provided us with the opportunity to assess all options and make the best decision not only for the supply, but crucially for the next 15 years of operations and maintenance support."

Over the last 8 years, Greensolver has successfully negotiated competitive supply agreements for more than 800MW of wind turbines throughout Europe.

Initially created by Veolia Environment in 2008, Greensolver was one of the first asset management firms in the French market to manage wind and solar park assets. Following a management buyout in 2012, it became one of the leading third party providers of renewable energy services in mainland Europe.

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