Array Technologies and Swinerton to Execute 1 Gigawatt Pipeline

Long-time partners to lower the levelized cost of electricity through solar tracking projects

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the global leader in tracking systems, and top turnkey provider, Swinerton Renewable Energy, have entered into a agreement to supply and install more than one gigawatt of solar tracking projects in the United States. The pipeline involves over a dozen utility-scale projects across varying geographies.

The projects will feature ATIs recently launched DuraTrack® HZ v3. This innovative single-axis tracker builds on ATIs 3 gigawatts of design and manufacturing experience. Boasting a 6% power density advantage, the industrys highest reliability, significant installation efficiencies, and zero scheduled maintenance over the 30-year life of the product, the DuraTrack HZ v3 is a groundbreaking design built to lower the levelized cost of electricity.

"We are very excited to see the successful launch of v3. Its advancements will allow us to provide the lowest installed cost tracker in the industry. ATIs high reliability and low maintenance costs provide our clients the best overall plant performance. Swinerton is proud to be a long-term partner with ATI and we look forward to successfully delivering our 1GW portfolio together," said George Hershman, Vice President and Division Manager of Swinerton Renewable Energy. "This was a clear and logical choice-quality and reliability at the lowest overall cost, ATI hit the mark with v3."

"Our new DuraTrack HZ v3 has been designed for utility-scale efficiency. With an intense integration of function and engineered simplicity, we are able to reduce installation and maintenance costs as well as increase reliability, making it the clear choice for Swinertons growing pipeline," explained ATI founder and CEO, Ron Corio. "Our partnership is based on a mutual interest to increase the dissemination of solar by lowering LCOE and improving its economic viability. We are honored to work with such a well-respected organization and believe that the experienced team at Swinerton proves to be a superior asset to the solar industry."

The agreement to mass-supply ATIs revolutionary new solar tracking system comes as solar energys competitiveness with conventional fuels is rapidly improving. Key balance of system innovations, such as the utility-focused DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis tracker, continue to drive down the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and propel the solar industry towards a bright future.

About Array Technologies, Inc.:

Array Technologies is the worldwide market leader in tracking solutions for utility, commercial and residential solar electric generation systems, with more than 3 gigawatts shipped and installed across the globe. Over the past twenty-five years, Array's innovation in solar tracker design and delivery has set the bar for providing the lowest levelized cost of electricity through our easy to install, maintain, and highly reliable tracking systems. Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, Array Technologies solutions are engineered in the USA. For more information about Array Technologies, please visit, connect with us on LinkedIn, join us on G+, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

About Swinerton:

With over 3 GW of power generation and 630 MW of solar power expertise, Swinerton Renewable Energy offers turnkey solar power solutions for utility-scale and distributed-generation projects, including EPC and O&M services, warranty wraps, performance guarantees, and its industry-leading monitoring and SCADA platform, SOLV™. Recognized nationally since 1888, Swinerton is the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market it serves —proudly leading with integrity, passion, and excellence. For more information on Swinerton Renewable Energy visit their blog or follow them on Twitter.

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