Net-Zero: IST Teams Up with Sifton Properties for the First Net-Zero Home in London, Ontario

The Home Features a 9.8 kW SunTegra™ Shingle Solar Roof System

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. - Oct. 22, 2015 - PRLog -- Integrated Solar Technology, LLC (IST), an advanced solar product designer, manufacturer, and owner of SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems based in New York, has teamed up with Sifton Properties, a leading Canadian real estate development and property management company, on its first model green "Home of the Future" in London, Ontario.

"Drive by the grey brick bungalow and theres nothing unusual — unless you look closely. Solar shingles are blended into the roof on the east and west sides," writes Hank Daniszewski, reporter for the London Free Press.

On September 15, Sifton unveiled this ground-breaking "Net-Zero" home and it is now officially open to the public for homebuyers eager to learn more about the technological features, environmental components, financial benefits, and overall comfortable lifestyle that comes with the net-zero status.

The home was designed and built to generate as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year (the definition of net-zero!). The model home features 9.8 kilowatts of SunTegra™ Shingles solar energy capacity, which will generate 100% of the homes electricity demand over the course of a year. The video Net Zero Construction with the SunTegra™ Shingle ( provides an aeriel view of the home's character and sleek SunTegra design.

President and CEO of Sifton Properties, Richard Sifton, explains:

"Solar is the largest sustainable component used for the house and in this case, we have chosen solar shingles. By using solar shingles, we were able to achieve improved environmental benefits because the house requires fewer asphalt shingles. Just another perk of a net-zero home."

Richard Sifton also added, "The roof component did not have to be overbuilt to accept the heavy weight loads normally required for racks and standard solar panels, avoiding the need for even more materials."

"We are thrilled to have partnered with such an experienced and progressive developer as Sifton on its net-zero home project", says Oliver Koehler, ISTs founder and CEO. "We believe SunTegras in-roof design is ideal for homebuilders, like Sifton, who are truly at the forefront of making green building, specifically net-zero building, the standard in new construction."

For a closer look at the intriguing home features from fresh air circulation to rainwater recovery systems, please visit Mr. Daniszeskis article in the London Free Press,, which includes an exclusive video interview with Richard Sifton onsite at the net zero home.

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