Flexible solar panels from Midsummer covers the logos of the “world’s best sports arena”

Midsummer is the leading provider of turnkey equipment for the manufacturing of high-efficiency lightweight and flexible solar panels.

[Stockholm, Sweden, December 2, 2015.] Swedish Midsummer, a leading provider of equipment for cost-effective manufacturing of flexible CIGS thin film solar cells, has supplied flexible and lightweight thin film solar panels to cover the two Tele2 logos on the modern multi-venue Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Fasadglas AB's subsidiary FG Light Energy AB was the general contractor and completed the installation of the solar panels.

Midsummer is the leading provider of turnkey equipment for the manufacturing of high-efficiency lightweight and flexible solar panels. Midsummer recently received a prestigious order to develop flexible and lightweight CIGS thin film solar cells for one of Sweden's biggest sports and concert arenas, the new Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tele2 Arena is one of the world's most modern multi-venues, with free Wi-Fi, 600 digital screens, Stadium Vision technology, retractable roof, transparent façade and only six meters from the front row to the sidelines. The venue is a multi-purpose stadium in Stockholm, mostly used for concerts and football matches. The arena has a capacity of up to 33,000 spectators for football matches and 45,000 for concerts. The arena was inaugurated in late 2013. Tele2 Arena won the "Best Venue" award in 2014 in the worldwide competition The Stadium Business Awards.

Midsummer's solar cells cover the two Tele2 logos on the roof of the arena. The solar cells were installed by FG Light Energy AB, a subsidiary to Fasadglas AB, one of Sweden oldest companies in the glass and metalwork industry, founded in 1913.

"I am glad that our advanced state-of-the-art flexible and lightweight thin film solar cells were considered the best choice for this prestigious arena project", said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer AB. "This is yet another good demonstrator that our equipment can produce unique products with a high value for the end customer. The type of membrane roofs normally used on arenas cannot take the load of traditional Si-panels, but the light weight flexible panels made by Midsummer's equipment can easily be integrated without damaging the membrane".

Since a stainless steel substrate is used, the modules can be made without glass. The CIGS solar modules are therefore much lighter, flexible and can be made frameless, to suit applications where traditional silicon solar cells cannot be used, e.g. on structures that are uneven, moving or weak.

CIGS solar cells are manufactured by sputtering the material onto 156x156 mm stainless steel substrates. The solar cells from Midsummer are free of cadmium, a toxic material usually used in CIGS and other thin film solar cells. Flexible CIGS solar modules are gaining market share thanks to its high efficiency, low weight, flexibility and durability. Midsummer's CIGS solar cells are manufactured in the Midsummer DUO machine. DUO is a compact, fully automatic deposition system for CIGS solar cell manufacturing. It's designed for high throughput, operational stability, optimized layer uniformity and superior material utilization.

For photos, please go to http://www.midsummer.se/pressmediagallery.html

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