Yingli Solar Participates Actively in the International Test Standard for Bifacial Power Generation

Yingli Solar, the leader in N-type bifacial technology, participated actively in the draft discussions and verification tests, and finally became one of the first companies who have finished the test draft.

BAODING, China, June 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PV bifacial technology rises gradually in recent years, and it quickly becomes the highest technology of mass production in the PV industry. Along with the bifacial power generation market gradually enlarging, industry constraints are also being emphasized. International test standards in the PV industry are basically about traditional mono-facial power generation PV devices, which are not applicable to evaluate the performance and unable to test the electrical parameters accurately of bifacial PV devices. The fact that there is no international standard for bifacial power generation leads to two disadvantages. Firstly, the nominal module output impact directly on the interests of both buyers and sellers, so they have lots of disagreements on how to indicate that figure. Secondly, ultimate nominal output of bifacial module will impact directly on the design of PV power plant.

Dr. Chirstos, who comes from TUV Rheinland which is an internationally recognized third-party certification body, leads the way of organizing the writing of the bifacial module test method earlier this year. The discussion group was formally established, and the official publishing of this test method will hopefully solve the complicated problem.

Yingli Solar, the leader in N-type bifacial technology, participated actively in the draft discussions and verification tests, and finally became one of the first companies who have finished the test draft. Recently, Yingli N-type PANDA BIFACIAL module became the first officially defined product for the TUV Rheinland bifacial module test method draft, and got the final test report.

Yingli Solar has a powerful voice in the field of bifacial power generation technology with 8 years' experience. In 2016, Yingli Solar, cooperated with China General Certification (CGC) center, prepared jointly the standard of PV Industry Association "Electrical Performance Testing Method for Bifacial Module". At the end of 2016, Yingli Solar received the bifacial module certification from CGC, and became the first and currently the only company which get this certification.

Yingli Solar has been engaged in research on N-type bifacial technology for years. From 2016, the N-type bifacial module named PANDA BIFACIAL SERIES has been launched and became the principal product of the company. Mr. Vincent Yu, Vice president of Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Ltd., said that Yingli's PANDA BIFACIAL modules is far beyond IEC standards for PID, high humidity and salt-mist test. The quality of PANDA BIFACIAL modules is completely guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Yingli's PANDA BIFACIAL modules could generate more energy. On May 23rd, 2017, Yingli's 50MW N-type bifacial power plant, one of "Top Runner Projects" which has been officially approved by the State, had been successfully inspected. According to the actual generating data, the cumulative output is 60.88 million kWh in 10 months after connected to the grid. For each month, the energy yield of PANDA BIFACIAL power plant is 10.4 - 15.6% higher than the regular multi-crystal power plant. From the beginning of 2017, Yingli Solar has established official power plant database, energy yields of PANDA BIFACIAL modules in distributed PV systems are about 20% more every month, and the highest yield gain is greater than 30%. So PANDA BIFACIAL modules could be called as the national treasure in the PV industry.

The draft of international test standard for bifacial power generation is expected, and it will be sure that PANDA BIFACIAL modules have not just been on the domestic stage. In future, Yingli will carry out wider and deeper cooperation with TUV Rheinland, which makes Yingli "PANDA BIFACIAL" create infinity possible.

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