HellermannTyton White Paper Sheds Light on Solar Wire Management

“Plastic or Metal” debunks myths about fastener materials and how they impact the lifespan of solar PV installations.

MILWAUKEE - Solar fastener leader HellermannTyton has developed a white paper to address one of

the most frequently asked questions regarding solar wire management: Which is better - plastic or metal?
"Plastic or Metal? How Wire Management Materials Impact the Lifespan of Solar PV Installations"
will help solar designers and installers make informed decisions that result in safer, longer lasting solar
The report includes a primer on different plastic compounds that demonstrate longer life in the menacing
solar environment.
In addition, "Plastic or Metal" covers:
• Metal component design and which factors help determine correct application.
• Engineered plastic wire management and the design considerations that affect lifespan.
• Choosing the correct material to match the hazard and environment of a solar site.
• Why plastic-coated metals can actually create hazardous conditions.
"Customers truly drive innovation in wire management, and its important to give them a deeper
understanding of a critical part of the installation and operation of any solar system," said
HellermannTyton Product Marketing Manager Nick Korth. "Our solar team is constantly educating the
industry on best practices for safety and how to drive down ownership and maintenance costs. This white
paper represents the first consolidation of that insight."
HellermannTyton is known throughout the solar market for its leadership in wire management,
identification and code compliance education.
Download "Plastic or Metal? How Wire Management Materials Impact the Lifespan of Solar PV
Installations" at www.hellermann.tyton.com/solarwhitepaper.
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About HellermannTyton
HellermannTyton is a global leader in cable management and protection products, identification systems and network
connectivity solutions. Its systems and solutions are specified by major manufacturers and contractors in the
automotive, electrical, data communications, truck/heavy equipment, renewable energy and related industries. The
companys engineered solutions and innovative products are designed and constructed to meet the strictest quality
standards while delivering reliable implementation at the lowest cost. HellermannTyton operates in 37 countries, with
North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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