Dorn Homes Announces Innovative New Home Power Solution

Dorn Homes’ Eco Evolve is the next step in eco-friendly power

Dorn Homes' Eco Evolve service is the next leap forward in independent and environmentally friendly power. After your Eco Evolve installation your home will utilize a combination of solar panel energy collection and Sonnen Home Battery storage to provide reliable power independent of the grid. Unlike many solar collection systems that rely on selling energy back to the power company, your Eco Evolved home utilizes battery storage to provide power when the sun is down. This allows homebuyers to jump into solar power with confidence, free from concern about power companies changing their rates for solar energy buyback. While most available solar power systems are leased by the owner or the Homeowner's Association, buyers will own every aspect of their power system. This means there are no hoops to jump through or transferring leases should they choose to sell their homes in the future.

As with any new technology, reliability is critical. Dorn Homes has addressed this by working with Sonnen, who provide a 10-year, 10,000-full-cycle warranty on their batteries, which is far beyond anything you'll find in the personal electronic or electric car battery market. Because these batteries use smart technology to power your home whenever solar is unavailable, this offers the added benefit of avoiding power outages. Even if power lines are down, your lights stay on. In addition to the solar collection and battery storage, homes that undergo the Eco Evolve service will have a dedicated electric vehicle charging outlet installed in the garage, allowing homeowners to safely charge electric vehicles without worrying about wasted energy use.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jim Gunby, announced Eco Evolve and offered his thoughts on why this is the right time for solar and storage: "We've always built with nature in mind, aesthetically, environmentally. It's important for us to do what we can to help our homebuyers shrink their carbon footprint. The health and well-being of our homebuyers has always been tantamount, and that extends to their environmental well-being." In addition to offering the Eco Evolve service as an option, all Dorn Homes sold after February, 2nd will be Net Zero ready and come prepared for solar panels connected to the grid and equipped with a dedicated outlet for charging an electric vehicle.

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