Summer Solstice Solar Celebration Scheduled For Sunset Valley, Texas

The Summer Solstice is coming up next week, and two local businesses are planning a special Summer Solstice Solar Celebration & Solar Installation Unveiling!

Brodie Homestead is bringing green-themed weddings to a whole new level. The Sunset Valley, Texas-based wedding venue and event space recently installed a solar project that covers the roof of their historic barn.

The solar installation will cover the majority of Brodie Homesteads energy needs and save the company more than $230,000 over the next 25 years.

Austin-based Alba Energy designed and installed a 90-panel, 26.55-kilowatt solar array on the rooftop of Brodie Homesteads wedding barn which sits at 5211 Brodie Ln.

The new solar roof will annually produce 39,940 kilowatt-hours of electricity — the equivalent of 10.4 tons of waste being recycled or 3,345 gallons of gasoline consumed.

The system will pay for itself in under 5 years, followed by an additional 20+ years of clean energy production and financial savings.

"Before we got solar our electric bills were about $1,200 per month. Since going solar with Alba the bills have dropped to between $90 and $180 per month. Theyve gone down quite a bit!" -Juliana Ross, Brodie Homesteads Director of Events

Sean Taylor, a senior solar consultant with Alba Energy, says his company is seeing more customers go solar with a combined desire to save money and express their green-minded identities and ideals.

"More and more businesses like Brodie Homestead are looking at their energy needs with a long-term perspective," he said. "Solar reduces long-term operating costs which increases profitability, and paves the way for businesses to be more environmentally friendly and attract similarly green-minded customers."

A special Summer Solstice solar unveiling event has been scheduled for Thursday, June 21st from 4 to 6 PM. Local residents and members of the press are invited to join Alba Energy & Brodie Homestead as they "Cut the ribbon in the name of sustainability and green weddings."

For more information about Alba Energys commercial and residential solar solutions, and how Sunset Valley residents can become more sustainable with solar panels, please visit

About Brodie Homestead
With the perfect balance of rustic charm and modern elegance, the Brodie Homestead will provide an unforgettable backdrop for your event. It is ideally located just south of Downtown Austin, Texas in Sunset Valley. The completely restored historic barn property has been a landmark in the eyes of Austin residents since it was built in the 1940s, and is tailor-made for weddings, receptions, galas, corporate functions and special events of all kinds. Learn more at

About Alba Energy
Based in Austin, Alba Energy specializes in the design, engineering and installation of exceptional quality commercial and residential solar systems across Texas. Learn more information about a solar solution for your home or business by calling (800) 238-3112 or visiting

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