Darfon Announces Upgrades to its Hybrid Energy Solutions

New features improve safety, functionality, capacity and ease of installation

Intersolar North America 2018, Booth #8319 -- Darfon America Corp. is showcasing its series of energy storage products with improved features and functionality at Intersolar North America 2018. Among the models upgraded are the H200 and H300 hybrid energy storage systems and the H5001 hybrid inverter.

"We got a lot of good feedback and suggestions from customers and installers about our products within the last year. And based on the feedback we received, we have been working hard to improve our products," said Frank O'Young, Darfon Associate VP.

The H200 is an energy storage solution that integrates lithium batteries and the H5000 hybrid inverter into a 19" industrial enclosure. The H200 now offers Panasonic LNMC and Dragonfly LFP as battery options. The wiring terminals have been relocated to the backside of the H200 for easy access and speedy installation. The distribution panel was also redesigned with micro breakers thus making it more compact and increasing the battery bay space to allow up to 30kWh of battery storage.

The H300 is a wall-mounted energy storage solution that consists of the H5001 hybrid inverter and a 5kWh LNMC battery. The H300 solution is now available in a 10kWh configuration using two battery packs and a master box.

The H5001 hybrid inverter has undergone some physical changes. The H5001 now comes with a lockable distribution box and lockable external PV disconnect for extra security. The conduit knockouts are laser-cut for easy removal and consistency in size. Also, the access cover is easier to remove for installers to program the AP registers.

In all three models, the hybrid inverter fans have been upgraded for more precise temperature control. The hybrid inverters have also been improved to handle in-rush overload with 120V circuits. There is also an optional generator start-up kit, if needed. The H200, H300 and H5001 are available now through authorized distributors.

About Darfon Electronics

Darfon Electronics Corp. is the world's leading notebook keyboard and power supply manufacturer with more than 1,200 global patents and 16,000 employees worldwide. Utilizing its power supply and integrated material expertise, Darfon manufactures off-grid/hybrid/microinverters, energy storage and a microinverter installation solution. The company controls cost and quality by designing, engineering, procuring, SMT/DIP, assembling and testing its products in-house. To learn about Darfon solar products, please visit to www.darfonsolar.com.

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