Blue Planet Energy Expands Into Commercial Energy Storage Market With Blue Ion LX

New, scalable commercial energy storage solution designed to increase resilience, accelerate renewable energy adoption

-SOLAR POWER INTERNATIONAL — Hawai'i-based Blue Planet Energy has expanded its Blue Ion line of safe, scalable energy storage solutions with the introduction of Blue Ion LX for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. The Blue Ion LX is built on the same fire-safe Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) technology as the Blue Ion 2.0, which has been field proven since 2015 and sets the bar for lithium-ion safety and reliability. Leveraging experience with more than 100 commercial installations to-date, Blue Planet Energy's introduction of Blue Ion LX comes in direct response to C&I customers' desire for quality, scalable and safe high-capacity energy storage in microgrid, critical infrastructure and resilience applications.

"From our base in Hawai'i, we have worked closely with our partners and customers to make energy storage easier to adopt as a key to decarbonizing energy. In 2018, the company joined Elemental Excelerator's portfolio and received funding and support to scale our commercial energy storage offering with the same rigorous standards for safety and reliability Blue Planet Energy is known for," said Blue Planet Energy COO Chris Johnson. "As we roll out LX with our signature personalized sales and technical support, we are proud to provide another product ‘Powered by Aloha' and bring the best of the Islands to new markets."

Blue Planet Energy developed the high-voltage Blue Ion LX system in close collaboration with energy storage integrators who have installed over 10 MWh of commercial systems using Blue Planet Energy technology. The new product uses a modular 64 kWh dual-cabinet energy storage block that scales to system capacities of 2 MWh+ for ease of integration in commercial storage markets, such as those in remote locations or areas with an unreliable grid that demand the most robust and high-quality systems. As with all its solutions, Blue Planet Energy provides services for Blue Ion LX including project design and sales support; component compatibility testing and assurance; system-level component configuration and integration; installation support; and O&M services. Backed by an industry-leading 15-year performance warranty, Blue Ion LX performs at double the lifespan of competitive solutions with its 8,000 cycle life at 100 percent depth of discharge.

Blue Planet Energy founder and CEO Henk Rogers innovated the Blue Ion line of energy storage solutions in 2014, and recently surpassed the 1,000 cycle milestone for his Blue Ion battery system that has been operational at his off-grid residence in Hawai'i for over five years. His mission to eliminate global dependence on carbon-based energy and de-risk energy storage technologies guides Blue Planet Energy's integrated approach to built-in safety and reliability. Blue Ion technology starts with the industry's safest LFP cell design and adds additional layers of safety through the quality build of components and a unique system architecture. This includes system-level protection provided by an advanced Battery Management Unit (BMU), that safeguards the system with additional hardware and software protections, especially critical for high-voltage commercial installations.

Blue Planet Energy at Solar Power International (SPI) 2019

SPI attendees can meet the Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana at Booth #7242, where technical team members are available for energy storage project consultations and the new Blue Ion LX will be on display. Register to join the Hawaiian vibe at the Blue Planet Energy Lu'au Happy Hour on Tuesday, September 24, from 4-6pm local time and raise a drink to the introduction of Blue Ion LX and the electrifying momentum in the carbon-free economy.

Blue Planet Energy Systems Engineering Specialist Wes Kennedy will be joining fellow energy storage experts to discuss real-life lessons learned from solar-plus-storage installations on the panel Goldilocks PV + Storage Plant: How Do You Make Your Project "Just Right?" happening Tuesday, September 24, at 4pm local time.

Blue Planet Energy and Schneider Electric have teamed up at SPI to present a free 4-hour technical training on the integration of high-performance energy storage and power conditioning systems. System design approaches, component selection, and configuration options and optimization will be covered. RSVP for the training event on Wednesday, September 25, from 1-5pm local time in the Radisson Hotel, meeting room Parleys 1 and 2 here:

About Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy is making the promise of grid independence a reality. With Blue Ion - the industry's most reliable and safest energy storage solution - Blue Planet Energy customers are experiencing true freedom from the old monopoly utilities. Powered by safe Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) batteries, the Blue Ion energy storage system is guaranteed to deliver a higher-quality, longer-lasting solution at the industry's lowest cost of ownership. Blue Planet Energy's energy storage systems are used by both businesses and homeowners to provide energy security, independence from the utility grid, and to drive the increased use of renewable power generation. To learn more about our technology or join our top-notch dealer network, visit:

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