The modular design simplifies roof layouts and product ordering while stackable components reduce shipping volume and provide easy transport of materials to the roof.

POWER MAX™ Ballasted Roof Mounting System
POWER MAX™ Ballasted Roof Mounting System

Q&A with Dustin Graef | Preformed Line Products

Tell us about Preformed Line Products and your role with the company.

Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality PV solar mounting structures,  cable anchoring and control hardware systems for the utility industry, and fiber optic and copper splice closures. PLP acquired DPW Solar in 2007 and became a major domestic manufacturer of innovative PV solar mounting systems for utility, commercial, residential and industrial applications. Professional installers from coast to coast rely on our superior strength and easy to install pole mount, roof mount and ground mount solar designs. We deliver added value to our customers through product application and engineering expertise and unparalleled customer support. 

I’m Dustin Graef, PLP’s Product Manager for our PV solar mounting systems and solutions  


Tell us about your new product the POWER MAX Ballasted Roof Mounting System.

The POWER MAX PV Solar Mounting System is a fully ballasted, high-strength mounting system developed with the professional installer in mind.  Featuring fewer components and no loose hardware, the POWER MAX is designed to provide a faster assembly rate and shorter learning curve for installers. The modular design simplifies roof layouts and product ordering while stackable components reduce shipping volume and provide easy transport of materials to the roof.  The system is available in flush, dual tilt, 5- or 10-degree tilt options to maximize energy production and fit a variety of applications.

Why do you feel this product is a major step forward for flat roof solar mounts?

The POWER MAX 5- and 10-degree tilt versions offer a revolutionary design that features adjustable inter-row spacing options for increased design and roof layout flexibility.  By simply sliding the mounting brackets, inter-row spacing can be adjusted up to 11 inches.  This feature also saves time on the job site when encountering unplanned roof obstructions.  The POWER MAX system with field adjustability avoids the problems associated with modifying traditional fixed-spaced mounting systems.


Can you give us an idea on the installation process for POWER MAX?


PLP offers a tilted, dual tilt, and flush system.  What system should I choose if I want to maximize energy production?

PLP offers three different mounting configuration options that are dependent on the available roof space, local environmental conditions, and maintenance requirements.  The POWER MAX flush system maximizes module density, requires less ballast weight, and provides a more economical solution. The flush system requires up to 33% fewer parts and results in a faster installation time.    


What about the use of plastic components on a roof.  Will they perform?

The POWER MAX base is manufactured from an engineered polycarbonate (PC) resin with both UL-V0 flame rating and UL-F1 outdoor rating for retaining mechanical properties.  The system also exceeded UL2703 third-party testing requirements and is fully certified. The POWER MAX PC bases are non-conductive, lighter in weight, more corrosion resistant, and eliminate sharp edges when compared to metal components.  The PC design also allows for stacking and more condensed packaging.  Also, PLP has a long history of supplying outdoor rated, fiber optic splice closures to the power utility and telecommunication industries manufactured from the same PC material. 



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PREFORMED LINE PRODUCTS Solar Mounting Solutions

PREFORMED LINE PRODUCTS Solar Mounting Solutions

Preformed Line Products, also known as PLP, is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of products and services supporting the Energy, Communications, and Solar industries, among many others. Since 1947, we have been committed to technical innovation through superior product design, extensive testing/analysis, and unparalleled customer service. Our multiple U.S. manufacturing and design centers, 18 international locations, and 2,700+ dedicated employees allow us to be both flexible and fully committed to each and every customer, project, and opportunity at hand.

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