Energport Announces Energy Storage Leasing Program for California Businesses

Innovative program enables bill savings while preserving company capital.

Today Energport Inc. announced it has launched an innovative leasing program for California businesses interested in bill savings and on-site backup power facilitated through Energport's turnkey energy storage systems. With low up-front costs and fixed monthly payments, the Energport leasing program allows customers immediate access to the benefits of energy storage.

With California businesses facing greater uncertainty both on their utility costs and service availability due to severe weather events, now is the time to seriously investigate energy storage. Energport makes it easy to get started. A nominal application fee, which may be credited toward a future payment, gets users a customized energy analysis that will outline an optimized system size and expected savings over the life of the 5 year lease term. And with Energport's leasing program incorporating California's Self Generation Incentive Program savings upfront, its even easier to make a business case for storage.

"Energport's goal in launching this leasing program is to bring the benefits of on-site energy storage to those customers who are interested in lowering their facilities' utility bills but who may be reluctant to invest capital for technology they have not personally vetted", said Jack Chen, CEO of Energport. "With low up-front costs and fixed monthly payments, the Energport leasing program allows customers to immediately access the benefits of leading-edge energy storage while minimizing technology risk and helping to preserve company capital for core business expenses."

The new leasing program is built around Energport's field proven L3060 complete turnkey energy storage system. Compliant with grid standards, these 30kW/60kWh systems are scalable and feature industry leading lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology for unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability. With its growing installed base of projects, Energport is committed to helping drive the adoption of new and innovative energy storage technologies and programs in the renewable energy industry.

About Energport
Energport is a US based supplier of turnkey energy storage and management platforms for the residential, commercial, industrial, and utility markets. Strategically partnered with Guoxuan High-Tech, the world's 6th largest producer of lithium ion battery cells and packs, Energport takes a collaborative approach in working with customers to deliver tailored solutions for managing energy usage and generation. Energport's cost effective solutions are architected with multiple layers of redundancy for maximum uptime and reliability and include smart dispatching algorithms preloaded to meet specific applications and use cases. Energport will be exhibiting at booth #729 at this year's Intersolar conference which takes place February 4-6, 2020 at the San Diego convention center in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit energport.com/lease-program/

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