Blue Planet Energy Launches Zero-Down Clean Energy Microgrid Financing for California Businesses

New commercial microgrid financing delivers clean, reliable energy with no capital outlay

Blue Planet Energy unlocks the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy and intelligent battery storage for California business owners with its new zero-money-down financing for solar-plus-storage microgrids. These microgrid systems combine the cost savings of on-site solar energy generation with Blue Planet Energy's reliable, safe Blue Ion LX battery solution. The systems enable business owners to power essential equipment even when the utility grid is down. Blue Planet Energy is a pioneer in solar-plus-storage microgrids, with a track record of hundreds of commercial customers who have enhanced resilience, lowered energy costs and reduced their carbon footprint in California and beyond.

"For too long, California's business owners have borne the burden of power outages beyond their control - disruptions that erode revenues and deny communities access to critical goods and services when they're needed most," said Chris Johnson, CEO of Blue Planet Energy. "Our unique financing offering democratizes the immediate and long-term benefits of solar-plus-storage microgrids. We allow essential businesses to operate on their own terms and to benefit from ongoing clean energy savings."

With this first-of-its-kind Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA) financing model, Blue Planet Energy eliminates the upfront cost barrier to solar-plus-storage microgrid adoption. Business owners pay only for electricity usage generated by a new solar array and a fixed rate for the added benefits and services delivered by the battery storage system. All operations and maintenance is covered for the lifetime of the agreement.

To learn more about Blue Planet Energy's solar-plus-storage microgrid hPPA for California businesses, visit:

About Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy is making the promise of grid independence a reality. With our scalable Blue Ion energy platform, we enable safe, resilient, clean energy to be delivered through distributed, smart energy storage and microgrids. Our energy storage systems are used by both businesses and homeowners to provide energy security and independence from the utility grid while driving the increased use of renewable power generation. To learn more about our technology or join our top-notch dealer network, visit

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