INNIO Jenbacher supplies the gas engine for L-Charge Stationary solution

● INNIO signed a contract with L-Charge to deliver a Jenbacher J312 natural gas engine ● INNIO Jenbacher gas engines will be used for EV stationary charging stations ● Jenbacher J312 gas engine can be converted from natural gas to 100% hydrogen operations after modification

INNIO* Jenbacher* has reached an agreement with the manufacturer of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV), the young company L-Charge. As part of the agreement, L-Charge acquires a Jenbacher J312 gas engine (600 kW), which will be the core of the solution L-Charge Stationary - a stationary mini-power station for fast charging of EV. The main feature of the L-Charge Stationary solution based on the Jenbacher J312 gas engine will be the ability to convert the gas engine from natural gas to 100% hydrogen operation when hydrogen becomes available. L-Charge plans to purchase several hundred Jenbacher Type 3 gas engines (J312, J316, J320) for EV stationary charging stations.

Earlier L-Charge launched a mobile charging station operating on gas for test operation in Moscow, planning a transition to hydrogen electricity generation. A mobile station is a truck with a set of equipment installed on board that operates on the principle of a gas power plant. The ultra-fast charging station can be called up via the mobile app and charge the electric car for 100 km in just 3-8 minutes. Converting charging stations to generate electricity with hydrogen will help to achieve zero CO2 emissions. That will make the generation of electricity for off grid charging stations 100% environmentally friendly.

«A huge part of the emissions that pollute our cities come from cars. It is necessary to convert private and commercial vehicles to electricity to significantly reduce harmful emissions. However, an essential problem still separates us from the massive transition to EV - the underdeveloped charging infrastructure. It is possible to solve this problem quickly by deploying an off-grid network of charging stations. At the moment we are actively working on the creation of charging stations operating on natural gas and hydrogen. We chose INNIO Jenbacher as the supplier for the generator sets for our L-Charge Stationary solution. The company is a leading provider of gas engines solutions, distinguished by the efficiency and high fuel flexibility of its products and has just recently launched the first ‘Ready for H2' product portfolio. We hope that the testing will be successful, and we will continue our cooperation in the future"- Dmitry Lashin, General Director of L-Charge.

L-Charge says its devices emit 7.05 kg of CO2 per 100 km worth of charge power, 68% less than a typical diesel vehicle would emit to drive 100 km. "Our chargers will give you the fastest charge your EV can accept," said Dmitry Lashin, CEO of L-Charge.

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About L-Charge

L-Charge is Russian-American EV charger manufacturer, providing rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers powered by clean fuels. Innovative EV charger offered in two variants - stationary and mobile. The stationary version can be installed in any location - supermarkets, hotels, roads, traditional petrol stations, etc. The mobile version is an on-wheel unit that can move around a city and charge EVs. In July, the first mobile EV charger by L-Charge starts to patrol Moscow city streets, providing on-demand charging service to electric vehicles. Nearest plans to build 4-5 EV charging units to launch them as a mobile charger in Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and London.


INNIO is a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-based solutions and services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. With our Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines, INNIO helps to provide communities, industry and the public access to sustainable, reliable and economical power ranging from 200 kW to 10 MW. We also provide life-cycle support and digital solutions to the more than 53,000 delivered gas engines globally, through our service network in more than 100 countries. We deliver innovative technology driven by decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization to help lead the way to a greener future. Headquartered in Jenbach, Austria, the business also has primary operations in Welland, Ontario, Canada, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S. For more information, visit the company's website at Follow INNIO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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