Selected by Sustainable Putnam, PowerMarket Brings the Benefits of Community Solar to Putnam County

PowerMarket, a leader in community solar management services and trusted partner of New York Solarize programs, has subscribed nearly 400 kW of community solar in support of Sustainable Putnam's Solarize Putnam campaign.

Sustainable Putnam is an organization that works to improve Putnam County's ecosystems while strengthening the community and local economy through their programs. The Solarize Putnam initiative has engaged Putnam County residents, businesses, and municipalities in supporting green jobs in the state while reducing their environmental impact through community solar.

To date, Sustainable Putnam has given educational talks about community solar, worked with local organizations, and more. Many of the County's libraries have been active participants in this initiative as well. Not only have they educated residents about this renewable energy option but also are taking part in community solar themselves.

"It has been extremely important to ensure that leaders in our communities realize the immense benefits community solar will bring to Putnam County," Joseph Montuori, President of Sustainable Putnam, stated. "These libraries will not only be realizing savings every month on their own electricity bills but also they are supporting a greener future for our community and engaging others in this movement as well."

In addition to engaging community leaders in community solar, Sustainable Putnam has also worked with local organizations, such as Putnam Community Action Partnership (CAP) to ensure that the most vulnerable community members are included in this initiative and receive benefits from this more inclusive renewable energy option.

"We are proud of our work in supporting Sustainable Putnam in their initiative to engage more residents in community solar," Danielle Burns, Director of Business Operations at PowerMarket, said. "Our partnership has been a strong one and both parties have been extremely engaged to ensure that this initiative is successful. At the end of the day, the benefits of community solar often seem too good to be true. It costs nothing to sign up or leave a project, subscribers receive monthly savings on their electricity bills, and they support the development of renewable energy in their area. Local initiatives, such as Solarize Putnam, offer residents a trusted resource to feel confident in the value proposition of community solar."

If you are a resident of Putnam County and are interested in learning more about community solar you can do so by contacting PowerMarket's team at (800) 253-4333 or Those who would like to sign up for a project can do so directly on PowerMarket's marketplace. Those who are running Solarize programs in their community can contact PowerMarket at (800) 253-4333 or

About PowerMarket: PowerMarket works to make clean energy more accessible, affordable, and ubiquitous through community solar. Managing over 450 MW of community solar across nine states, PowerMarket is a recognized market leader in providing subscriber acquisition, management & billing services to the community solar industry. With its municipality work, PowerMarket is pursuing the inclusion of affordable housing and low- and moderate-income households.
Media Contact: Ellen Barrett

About Solarize Putnam: Solarize Putnam is a Sustainable Putnam program assisting our towns and county government in promoting community solar. Solar electricity dramatically reduces our greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, and air pollution that impacts our health and well being. Sustainable Putnam urges our local town and county governments to join the effort with their own Solarize Putnam campaign.
Media Contact: Joseph Montuori, 845-612-6029,

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