KiloVault Announces New Accessory Line for its HLX+ and HAB Batteries

All of the new HLX+ and HAB Batteries accessories are immediately available.

Boxborough, Massachusetts (September 21, 2022) - KiloVault®, a provider of innovative and affordable residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, announces a new line of accessories for its HLX+ and HAB lithium batteries.

The line includes:
• The new HAB Dual Cart Kit supports 2 HAB batteries in one portable, sturdy base. The heavy-duty swivel plate locking casters, and overall ease of installation provide peace of mind and greater convenience for users.
• The new HAB™ Floor Mounted Stand supports the KiloVault® HAB™ 7.5 kWh Lithium Energy Storage System on an elevated, sturdy base. The stand provides a sturdy base where a HAB™ 7.5 battery unit can be permanently installed to keep it off the ground and away from potential water damage. In addition, the Floor Mounted HAB Stand offers easier installation of a KiloVault HAB than wall-mounting.
• New HLX+ Wall Mount Brackets (battery sold separately) are designed to secure one HLX+ Series battery to a load-bearing surface. The HLX+ Mounting bracket securely mounts the HLX+ Series battery to the wall in a repeatable standard installation that will save installers time and cost, and give the installation a clean, professional appearance.
All of the new HLX+ and HAB Batteries accessories are immediately available.
For more information, visit the KiloVault team at Solar Power International RE+, at booth 3938, from Sept. 19-22, 2022 — or access the KiloVault website at
About KiloVault
KiloVault® provides innovative and affordable renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial applications, storing the sun, and saving the planet. They design, market, and sell energy storage based on leading-edge technologies that reduce the cost of entry for homeowners and help reduce the impact of humanity on the environment. KiloVault is headquartered at 330 Codman Hill Road in Boxborough, Massachusetts. For more information, visit or call toll-free (888) 218-5924.

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